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  1. Accepted - Pending assignment to the 13th Division (DI-XIII) Congratulations on becoming an Initiate in Damage Incorporated. Shortly, you will receive an acknowledgement from the officers of your division, if they haven't done so already. This is the first step in what will hopefully become a long and exceptional experience for you. As you know, DI is a combat based clan with a strong focus on community, so to make your experience as an Initiate easier, below some links on where to start have been compiled for your use: Getting on Teamspeak As it is mandatory for everyone to be on Teamspeak when they are online, here is a guide to getting into our Teamspeak and meeting the rest of DI: https://dmg-inc.com/teamspeak/ Code of Operations It is a good idea to know what everyone does in DI, as well as how DI operates, so spend some time to read our Code of Operations at: http://dmg-inc.com/code-of-ops/ Contact your Officers It is recommended that you PM your new Vice using the forum PM (up the top right of screen) introducing yourself and ensuring he/she knows that you have been assigned to their division. Your officers are: Commander of 13th Division: @Jam Vice of 13th Division: @splashD Information about your Cohort You have been assigned to a Cohort along with other Initiates going through the process. At the end of the process, you and your peers from that Cohort will graduate and become full members of Damage Inc. The Cohort system has been designed to help you through the process, answer any questions you might have and most importantly help orientate you through the complexities of Damage Inc. It is a good idea to introduce yourself in your Cohort to your peers and your Initiate Manager. You can find information about this in the Ludus Magnum: Ludus Magnum: https://di.community/forum/131-ludus-magnus/ Good Luck!
  2. Idling means being logged on in TS without being required to actively participate in voice or text chat. You're welcome to use voice and text, but the requirement is just to be on TS while online.
  3. [DI-XII] DINA vs Less Than 3

    @Foolproof @Wesenhiemer @LPFinale @Silverdragun 18:00 - 20:00 UTC-8
  4. Whatsup with your username?

    In second grade, circa 2008(I think), I made a minecraft account. It's name? 1111324pie. Real creative, I know. When Mojang released the option to change your name, I jumped at the opportunity. I changed my name immidiately to the first somewhat uncommon word I could think of- foolproof. Everyone knows what it means, but it's not quite commonplace in conversation. It stuck, now I use it for my username in everything. Also everyone calls me "fool" in game now, which is fitting.
  5. I'm partial to the 4 mod that increases dash range (it sacrifices normal movement but I like long dashes) and the root mod on 2 (it's just really annoying to play against).
  6. Awesome guide. Some things you might want to add: "alt" also shows the exact tiles your abilities will target if you hold it before locking in. "Shift-right click" can be used to redo movement directly; no need to click your lancer first. "C" unlocks the camera, so you can pan around freely without being directed automatically to whichever lancer is executing their ability.
  7. When Is Your Birthday?

    September 8th
  8. Not really a combo, but I hadn't deep fried pickles a while ago. It was... interesting...
  9. The things that annoys you ?

    Unproper grammar and, punctuation
  10. Random things people have said to you

    In like 8th grade I was walking down the street past a group of guys I didn't know and one of them said "you have really pretty hair," and they all started laughing. I'm a guy and that was weird.
  11. Other Languages?

    I speak some pretty mediocre German.
  12. First job

    Equine caretaker at a pack station. The station leases cabins in the woods, the donkeys take supplies in and trash out, and I helped take care of the donkeys.
  13. Career Goals

    I'd love to be a game developer, but I'm also really interested in wilderness medicine and backpacking so I really don't know what exactly I wanna do. But I'm a high schooler so I have time.
  14. What's happening DI?!

    Hello Kahuna, and welcome to Damage Inc! Hope you have fun here!