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  2. wow, that hits me right in da feels. If you don't mind me asking, what do you pay for that and what is the max you can get in Malaysia?
  3. who is your favorite actor? why?

    Ryan Reynolds. From Blade Trinity to Deadpool, this guy breaks all jokes' walls.
  4. Lose from 2k8 to 2k2. Hard to see yo lose even if you're carrying.
  5. Beaten you for social event tokens :)

    1. Zezette


      Have you beaten @Asteroid tho?

    2. BDSally


      What can i do about him, only person i know that sits around waiting for social events more than me 

  6. Count to One Million

  7. I would like him on Team C unless he has friends in another team @Karraa
  8. Been up all night working.. need that gwyf event energy to lift me back up XD 


  9. Count to One Million

  10. Application - raz

    Raz as in tink raz?
  11. Hello @Cloudbun! I recommend you to take a look at this quick to read reddit post. The formatting is very important when you write an RMT post. Note that you should also write about the teambuilding process and it would be awesome if you test your team for some days or even a week before you post the RMT (adding Showdown Replays is also great) I will probably write on the forums an RMT Guide about How to properly write an article like this, i know that for VGC Newbies it's hard to do this, but it helps a lot to the people you demand to help you to read and understand an RMT if i'ts well written.
  12. Yes @rkryptic yes gyro he is good pushing high ground and defending
  13. I don't think she requires that much skill to play, because you don't need to aim with her primary weapon. But i think you can definitely see a difference between someone who has 1 hour of experience or 100 hours of experience as Symmetra.
  14. Today
  15. as long as you're ranked on PC---whether unranked or platinum and below you can join. Just put the 3 characters you use on PC and your rank.
  16. Im absolutely attending, as long as coming to the PC from Xbox dont count as smurfing lol
  17. My McCree crit percentage has slowly increased. I had trouble getting more than 6% at one point. Now i'm getting 9% < x. I hope i can keep improving!
  18. 2673 (give or take 20) to 1810 in one day. pretty sad
  19. Pref any role that's not mine. I want the best chances I can have on getting the role I'm best at.
  20. More than my fingers can count to :o. Its generally slow loss, slow gain, slow loss, slow gain. I have trouble staying in a rank for periods of time then before i know it i have trouble staying in the next rank.
  21. Very much so. Think of this if you're not sure -> League has plenty of heroes with lack of skill shots and that game is considered one of the hardest games to master. Overwatch is like chess, positioning and strategy are HUGE. If i versed a "pro" chess player I'd get demolished.
  22. So it was a while ago back in season 1 or 2. It may have been McCree, maybe Zarya. I main McCree now #dinkdinkdinkdinkdinkdinkdinkdinkdink
  23. Greetings fellow human!

    Welcome to DI, I'm glad to read you are enjoying yourself, it has a lot to offer. Cheers!
  24. Symmetra requires good Game sense, Position and timing.
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