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    Let me spell this out: I love 2 things in life: Cookies and Big Booty Bitches, keep it sexy and have a cookie:)
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  1. @Jinxxy just told us she loves @Paddy more than you  Admiral........:(


    Teach her a lesson !

  2. Your warnings points went down great Admiral, it is my pleasure as your Captain to bestow upon you..........


    THE HAT OF TROLLINESS - go forth and spread your wise ways among the brethren of DI !

    All hail Frosty !

    1. Frosty
    2. Sairane


      Frosty the jokeman
      was a very happy troll
      with all his strikes coming off in droves
      and his comments very droll


  3. So what is everyone drinking tonight?

    Why does this not surprise me:))
  4. Crypto

    I suggest you go for a long term accumulation strategy, I have some friends with some pretty big portfolios, around 200k-300k $ and they all tell me the same thing- buy don't trade, trading will cost you allot of money unless you get lucky. Since this is not exactly a stock market, I would suggest you put some money aside each month for crypto and cash out in a few years:), get yourself a nice nestegg:D
  5. Been gaming all day in my DI T-shirt and Hoodie:), I am in love with them :P

    1. Valkyrja


      I can't wait until mine gets here

  6. RSVP or.................... you don't get cookies !!!!
  7. @AFDragon you gonna give him the Big D? or the small D?
  8. In my new section of " interesting forum games where spam is allowed" this is part 2. Who is the scariest member of DI to you and why? For me it's @Asteroid- cause I think he is secretly a Rusky spy ! For part 1 :
  9. If by a miracle you had the power to kick anyone from DI, no matter their rank, who would it be and why? I will go first: @Jinxxy- cause she makes all them dudes down there anxious !
  10. My mom just made cookies 👀👀👀👀👀

  11. I have a dream... to give @Jacky058 and @HarryPickles the Conqueror status, I shall be ... relentless in this effort !

    1. 13thShade


      I had a dream that the cool kids all have Eden.

      Then I remembered it isn't a dream, and that all the cool kids really do have Eden.

    2. Sif00


      Eden is .... meh....Conqueror ... that is the one I dream of  !

    3. DrPhilandChill


      Conqueror is cursed

      Never again will I go for it