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  1. Pretty sure there are some people who still play it. I think @StormStrikerSX9 is still doing it and few shiny hunters who are also hunting there. I myself gave up because my town didn't have much pokemon and people who got game before other thru VPN and other acc were impossible to beat in gyms which ruined the fun for me.
  2. shiny living dex will take forever and sadly we can't incorporate emulated shinies in it. shiny living dex doesn't have a set date - we are just working on it together with no rush. most of people get shinies for it outside of events while some are gotten on shiny hunting events. people are still free to go for shinies :] memes never die <3 gotta rig you guys in different nations for proper fun :]
  3. mercy baguette tres bien omlette au frommage


    1. Kastion


      Haha this is awesome!

  4. oof :[ but I'm glad to have your blessing. and who knows maybe it won't start in april
  5. still missing your vote/opinion. please put it in a week or I won't be able to organize this on such a big scale. doesn't matter if you think that you suck at something, others will help you and we will mix players with different interest so no one will have full advantage. events will be organized at least once per week for 2 h or less depending on type. there will be multiple of them to cover all timezones and team availability. I'm up for trying to make it possible for every single person we have here. Pokken guys - I know that I didn't come up with anything special for you but you are more than free to give us ideas on how we can add you in all this or organize a separate thing only for you. I don't want you to be excluded @AmirAlexander has already offered to help with designing stuff for our Nations to make us special and beautiful <3
  6. it will really depend on how many people we get. I don't want a nation with only 3 people . preferably at least 30 people for this
  7. ye plan woudl be to randomize 1 type, 1 would be there to make it ballanced with beating or neutralizing the other nation weakness
  8. so basically mono vs mono battles? ye that could work as part of some event :] we used to have a league with gls here in DI before I think? maybe we will also be able to revive that one day will think abotu how we can incorporate maps. also let me know if you have ideas on how to make that