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  1. Send me a message if something is broken, but honestly I don't think anyone is playing anymore so it probably won't matter. Probably won't close down the server, but I am probably not going to put further effort into this. 50 sum accounts with nearly all never being used even once.... :/
  2. Part of the reason it never really impressed me much, was that literally everyone who played an Ultima game before UO has killed or attempted to kill LB, it was already a meme, which was probably what made him try in the first place. However I'll still give Rainz some credit since he was a habitual line stepper before and after that event.
  3. I would say no, ultimately he is the most well known but there are many PKs with thousands of kills and few to zero deaths, but of course no one remembers them. So I guess it depends what the criteria is for Ultimate PK. In this situation Rainz got lucky, could've been anyone present that went down in history. To be honest if LB actually played the game he would probably be rofl-stomped by nearly every red player in the game.
  4. Hey welcome back! Don't know how I missed seeing that... I went hard on the Officer Training I guess, lol

  5. Yeah I couldn't really find an easy way to account for what people have purchased.
  6. Found some more stats worth mentioning: 141 users have been awarded Pokedollars at some point. Pokedollars have been awarded almost 1000 times. There are currently 16,705 Pokedollars in the economy. The three richest users currently: @claduva @Ballistic @Ketchupplant 88 items have been purchased from the shop.
  7. Since the Showdown Server was launched around a year ago, I figured it would be fun to share some stats with you guys. :D 2750 Tournament Battles have been fought in 33 different formats. Over 400 tournaments have been held. Players have logged in 13,400+ times. Around 2000-2100 unique players have logged in. (Considering a decent portion of alts) Server running time is over 8300 hours. As I mentioned last week, the server has been moved to a new location, but the history lives on!
  8. Doesn't seem likely until we have moderators that moderate again. The setting is set to voice and above but it aparently ignores the setting.
  9. Saturday sounds like it will work... Tag me in the event so I know what time. Havoc may make it
  10. Not sure what happened with that, but the code and the user data from the old server was copied in full, so there really isn't any difference there. I will continue to try to make some changes to be able to lift the restrictions on chat and whatnot, but it isn't a priority at the moment. Hopefully within a week or so, but either way, glad it is working better for you even if it should've always worked well.
  11. I can for sure help, Havoc might be busy with school, but I will try to get him to help. What days are you thinking?
  12. If you like adventure games, MMOs, or D&D I would say definitely. Course I am biased AF, but yeah come join the fun, the more the merrier!