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  1. @Plok Thanks for mentioning which format you used when that occurred it might help track down the issue. I have restarted the server, and am running a newer version of the backend code. Hopefully it helps. Bender is back on as well since he has now been ruled out as a cause.
  2. As we discussed, this has been resolved, just wanted to post it here for the followers. Also, apologies guys but Bender will be offline for the weekend.
  3. Not sure what happened but it appears fixed now. I did have to restart again and kill some processes. I also did break Shop and Emote as we saw in the test server. My initial thinking was that it wouldn't happen on the main one but I was wrong. The issue has also been fixed though, so as far as I know everything is working smoothly now.
  4. Aaaand we have a winner. Nice idea dewd! I should be able to do this. Dragon Cup allows for the use of one Uber tiered mon. Although it might be a specific list of them. Either way there is code to copy and modify. :)
  5. And of course it will be most rewarding for you to do so, but if something really stumps you I can maybe help provide enough "how it should work" to help you run with it and fix it on your own. :D
  6. That is a very long name, hopefully we can think of something better ;P
  7. This is the thread to post your ideas for new formats and other features. If something isn't working right please post that in the Bug Thread instead:
  8. Ok I have time to take this on, since testing went so well tonight maybe I can give it a shot and get it in with the new USUM mons!
  9. This looks great dude! Let me know if you run into any technical issues you have trouble solving.
  10. Please use this thread to report anything that isn't working with the showdown server. Especially if the issue doesn't happen on the main server. It is appreciated that you always check that, but some things are obviously an only-our-server issue when it comes to something affecting one of our custom formats or any issues with Bender. I will do my best to at minimum tell you what might be causing the issue and possibly a timeline to fix the issue. Please be patient with issues as some things can take extra time to figure out or might need to wait for a feature to be finished or the next update to be implemented. If you want to request a new feature, do that in the Feature Request thread instead, thanks! Feature Request Thread:
  11. 6 months ago today, this guy finally got me to join DI. <3 To 6 more!

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    2. Telfer


      So @13thShade, what you're saying is I should be able to apply for my Star of Mentoring? Between actually recruiting 3 would you estimate there are at least 7 others? (Assuming I can get someone to agree to this.)

      Lol I mean star of Recruiting, oops

    3. 13thShade


      Way more than 7 xD I bet we can wrangle this up with @Xtream :-P

    4. Xtream


      I'll allow it if @AFDragon awards me the Star of Mentoring for my one recruit but based on the fact I've tried to recruit more than 10 times :P

  12. Shoutouts to this being the day I first met you and you banned all my friends from DI Showdown 6 months ago, which started me on the wild ride that is DI membership :emolulz:

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    2. 13thShade


      the itchy ban hammer was deserved, and I'm glad you did it xD Otherwise I probably wouldn't be here!

    3. Telfer
    4. Zezette


      #scared straight

  13. Wow, never using discord again. They literally sell everything you type or link in the chat.

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    2. Falx


      "Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say." ~ Edward Snowden

    3. 13thShade


      @Falx Well played :-P

      I guess Discord is selling hella TeamSpeak download links and DI applications off of my account now xD

    4. Telfer


      @Falx you're my favorite for quoting that. That man is my personal hero.