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How Much is Melee Damage in Overwatch

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There is no definitive answer to this question as the amount of damage dealt by melee attacks can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the character being played, the type of weapon being used, and whether or not any modifiers are active. However, in general, most melee attacks deal around 30-50 points of damage.

We often hear about how important it is to increase our melee damage in Overwatch, but how much of a difference does it actually make? To find out, we did some testing with a few different characters and weapons. Here are the results:

With Widowmaker, a fully charged headshot from her rifle deals 250 damage. A headshot from her pistol deals 125 damage. And finally, a headshot with her venom mine deals 200 damage.

So, increasing your melee damage by 50% would only deal an extra 62.5 damage with Widowmaker’s pistol. Hardly worth it! However, things look very different for McCree.

A fully charged Deadeye shot from his revolver deals 700 damage…but a normal body shot only deal 5-6 seconds worth of health in most cases (depending on the hero). So if you can get close enough to McCree to hit him with your melee attack, you can easily take away more than half of his health bar! Increasing your melee damage by 50% would deal an extra 100 damage…enough to kill most heroes outright.

As you can see, whether or not increasing your melee damage is worth it varies greatly depending on the character and weapon you’re using. In general, though, characters that rely heavily on their firearms (like Widowmaker) will see very little benefit from increased melee power whereas characters that have weaker ranged attacks (like McCree) will see a much greater boost in effectiveness.

How Much is Melee Damage in Overwatch
How Much is Melee Damage in Overwatch 5


How Much Melee Damage Does Genji Do?

Assuming you are asking in regards to the game Overwatch, and more specifically the character Genji: According to the Overwatch Wiki, Genji’s base damage per hit is 28. However, this number can be increased or decreased based on a variety of factors such as what level the character is, if they have any damage boosting abilities activated, etc.

Additionally, it’s important to note that Genji’s attacks can vary in damage depending on which part of an enemy he hits. For example, a headshot from his Shuriken will deal more damage than a body shot. Overall, Genji is a fairly strong melee attacker and can deal decent amounts of damage with his sword or shurikens.

How Much Melee Damage Does D.Va Do?

D.Va is a world champion professional gamer who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mecha in defense of her homeland. Outfitted with twin pulse cannons, fusion generators and incredible mobility, D.Va is always ready to annihilate her enemies. In terms of melee damage, D.Va dishes out 50 points of damage per hit with her Light Punch and 100 points of damage with her Heavy Punch.

Her Light Kick does 30 points of damage while her Heavy Kick delivers an impressive 80 points of damage on hit.

Why Do People Melee in Overwatch?

When it comes to playing Overwatch, people often ask why do people melee in the game. The answer is quite simple – it’s incredibly effective! In fact, some of the most successful players in the game use melee as their primary method of attack.

Here’s a few reasons why melee is so effective in Overwatch: 1. Melee attacks are fast and can be difficult to dodge. This is especially true for characters like Genji and Tracer who have very fast melee attacks.

Often times, opponents will not have enough time to react and will get hit by the attack. 2. Melee attacks can deal a lot of damage. While ranged weapons might deal more damage per second, a well-timed melee strike can deal a huge amount of damage in one go.

This can be devastating to an opponent, particularly if they are low on health. 3. Melee attacks are often unexpected. since most players focus on using ranged weapons, they often don’t expect an opponent to charge at them with a knife or sword.

This element of surprise can give you the upper hand in battle.

Does Reinhardt Have a Melee Attack?

Yes, Reinhardt does have a melee attack. His melee attack is a powerful charge that can deal significant damage to enemies and knock them back. This move can be used to great effect in close quarters combat, as well as to create space between Reinhardt and his opponents.


In Overwatch, melee damage is not as simple as it might seem. While some characters can do a lot of damage with their fists or swords, others are much more limited. In general, though, most characters can deal between 20 and 60 damage with a single melee attack.

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