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How to Scan Pokemon Qr Codes

  • 5 min read

To scan a Pokémon QR code, open the camera app on your smartphone and hold it up to the QR code you want to scan. The QR code should be within view of the camera for the duration of the scanning process. When the scanning is complete, a message will appear on your screen letting you know what Pokémon was… Continue readingHow to Scan Pokemon Qr Codes

How to Reset Pokemon Oras

  • 5 min read

To reset your Pokemon game progress in “Pokemon Oras,” access the game’s main menu and select the “New Game” option. Selecting this option will erase any existing save data on your game, allowing you to start anew. If you have not yet saved your game, simply power off your device to exit without saving. Assuming you would like steps on… Continue readingHow to Reset Pokemon Oras

How to Reset Pokemon Yellow

  • 4 min read

To reset Pokemon Yellow, first turn off the power. Next, hold down the A button, B button, and Start button simultaneously. While still holding these buttons, turn on the power. The game should now be reset. Turn off your Pokemon Yellow game Press and hold the A button, then press and release the Start button Continue to hold the A… Continue readingHow to Reset Pokemon Yellow

How to Do a Pokemon Randomizer

  • 8 min read

There are many ways to randomize a Pokémon game, but the most common method is to use an emulator with a built-in randomizer. Other methods include using a physical game cartridge with a special device or downloading a pre-made ROM file. To randomize a Pokémon game using an emulator: 1. Download and install an emulator that has a built-in randomizer,… Continue readingHow to Do a Pokemon Randomizer

How to Get Pokemon Randomizer

  • 5 min read

There are a few ways to get a Pokemon Randomizer. One way is to download a ROM hack that has a randomizer built in. Another way is to use a third-party tool like PK3DS or PokeGen to randomize your game. Go to a reliable source for downloading the Pokemon randomizer make sure to get the most updated version Download and… Continue readingHow to Get Pokemon Randomizer

How to Get Hidden Ability Pokemon

  • 5 min read

There are a few ways to get Hidden Ability Pokémon. One way is to find them in the wild; these Pokémon will have a blue aura around them. Another way is to breed two Pokémon that have compatible Hidden Abilities; if done correctly, the offspring should have a chance of inheriting either parent’s Hidden Ability. Finally, certain events and locations… Continue readingHow to Get Hidden Ability Pokemon