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Hi Guys,

as it is an important section of the game to bring your enemy early leaks, i would like to collect your experience on what to send on early waves to an enemy to bring them to leak.

just wrote here and we will collect it together in this first post.

As example:

Wave 4: Proton/Aqua opener: Fiend + Snail

Wave 5: Forsaken Nightmare? Double Fiend, or with stun luck a Brute 


Theese are only examples. but could give all of us more ideas how to bring our enemy to leak and make them weaker




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Against pyro opening :

Wave 1 : Snail is a LOT of leaks (but you have to know your ennemy)

Wave 3 : He's gonna 3 hit the wave so you may not send anything unless you need inc

Pyro start is usually really weak on 6 and 10, either you force him to overbuild so he's gonna be low on workers (hurts is economy) or you make him leak and you hurt is economy aswell

Against zeus opening :

If you go for early leaks, go for moles anytime you can and he'll leak for sure

Against zerk opening :

It the safest start for mech, I would say dont even try to make him leak early that will be in mose case a waste of income for you and he might even hold a dino 8 so it'll be tons of money for him.

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Just liked to add that as a general rule of thumb it's a good idea to send Brutes against an opponent that uses fewer rather than alot of units. For example a lone pyro getting dirupted by a stun can cause all sorts of havoc.

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against aqua+protons don't send snail to him on wave 2 (especially if you start with 1 worker) rather keep it and send it on 3 in a form or lizard+something so you can punish him if he goes 3rd worker before it

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