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What's ur favorite hero for playing as support?

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On 12/17/2017 at 4:04 PM, rkryptic said:

I spam a lot of Jakiro and Shadow Shaman. Both heroes are really high impact and can break high ground which is a big problem cause teams tend to be really unorganized. 

As a support player, keeping your lanes controlled well is probably the most difficult thing. Remember that kills really don't matter at all compared to the space you can make by just zoning, stacking, and pulling.

What i've been realizing is that you have to get an idea of how good your carry is at the very beginning. If they can't control lane equilibrium, then you need to do it for them. If they know how to trade well, then go stack or roam. If they have actually no idea what to do, abandon ship and help your other cores. 

I couldn't agree more, being a support that can break high ground is very important. Def for solo queue.

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how to be a 10k support:

1. pick ogre

2. buy wards

3. right click on bloodlust.


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I would check out dotabuff's meta section for recommendations of supports with over 50 percent winrate. It might not be ideal but it's a good starting point. The way I see it is if the majority of players can win with a hero maybe my noob self can too lol.


As for favourites I like Rubick best.

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