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  1. Indeed - duos with 2 enemies remaining, both got tagged by m24 zzzzzzz
  2. Thats pretty nutty, nice shots especially with the partial flash, its great when shots like this lineup and theres only so many maps where stuff like this is possible!
  3. Definately worth trying out, huge community of players now play the game, alot in DI may not main it but will have access and play PUBG in their downtime!
  4. I think it depends on time, if its an engagement that your taking without time to zero - then just adapt accordingly If you have time to check the map and zero properly, of course youll be more accurate.
  5. This is hard because pubg ffp is very different to the usual ffp you get in games because of the ways you can modify your experience through scopes/ different game modes and style of play, that being said im aware that the closest thing to pubg would be Arma3 - but even this has its problems and linitations. someone mentioned osu which is great for mouse accuracy training no doubt. Stuff like csgo is quite interchangeable skill-wise because spotting view models and making calls are skills that can be developed in csgo. but as someone has said the best way to practice pubg is to play pubg! Get a dedicated group of people and play as often and consistently as you can!
  6. Any friend of notorious has clearly suffered enough! Welcome aboard