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  1. How does one go about doing that ? :O @Barbwayer
  2. Hey everyone, my friend has recently logged into PUBG and found his sky texture is missing (see link). Every time he enters into a lobby his sky is black with no other colour variant there. We have searched other forums and googled solutions but havent come across anyone else with a similar issue. He has reinstalled steam and PUBG twice to see if this would resolve the issue but it hasnt, if anyone has any ideas please help <3 !! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/311574376338292737/363040725920907264/pubgCrash.png
  3. The Simulation Argument

    my life is now complete.. Reso was a simulation
  4. @badboyfreddie - Freddie using COD WaW guns ? Type-100 :o @NotoriousM12 @Flux https://imgur.com/a/EMyY6
  5. Should @NotoriousM12 be designated driver for our team? Thoughts? @Flux @badboyfreddie @NotAntarctican @UnLuckyCharms
  6. https://i.imgur.com/uCyxEEH.png GG to the BOIZ for our first tournament win!!!!! @badboyfreddie @Flux @NotoriousM12 <333333333333
  7. Damage Incorporated represents: @NotoriousM12 - Team Leader @badboyfreddie - Swedish Extraordinaire @Resonation - Mr Steal Your Girl DaWeasel - Mother bird https://portal.xpulz.com/#!dashboard Big thanks to @NotAntarctican xox