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  1. You need to lower your graphics setting I had the same problem on epic so I went down a notch and it worked out something to do with the update when a lot of stuff is happening in game I would get drops in my FPS. Trust me there is almost no difference in game quality if you just take it down one notch.
  2. yeah that is on my list for sure just haven't got to it yet.
  3. Yep I have about 300 or so more with pc and Xbox but my go to games right now are FTL Starbound and Shadows of War
  4. Everyone likes Zen skin choose to be different gosh Kyo (Q) lol
  5. Reaper and McCree's are the two best. I like Zar anniversary skin.
  6. that is fine just show up tonight between 8:30-midnight CST.
  7. not much higher than 2500 the most we could go s 2700
  8. even with you being tired I bet you would win
  9. It does help a lot trust me I have held points with me D.VA and a Soldier that knew what they where doing. He helped me stay alive and I helped him with ult using my matrix these two with a mercy in there some where can be an unstoppable team if used correctly.
  10. Try to help heal I see lots of soldiers who only use there healing when they are low. Imo I feel solider is a great character he's one of the few DPS who can heal and do damage. He is the only DPS who can heal his teammates too. Turn the health bars on for your teammates. I find this to be useful for everyone not just healers as a tank main it helps me to prioritize who needs my protection the most and as other characters it helps you see who you can help not die especially if your a soldier.
  11. We kind of have and I know I had you sweating at times the same you did me lol. You're much better with then me but I think if I practice him more we could both be challenging for one another. Been finding my self getting better with tracer. I like taking the character I am interested in play to FFA it really helps learn the character and help you work on accuracy and lots of stuff. I find playing some FFA from time to time helps me with all my characters but it really helps you learn what a new one you have never played before it capable of. But I will 1V1 you any day @Aero. WORD!!!!!!
  12. I find myself getting better and better with Genji and Rin
  13. To reach gold and have our new comp team going. I am tired of being stuck in silver. I know I play better than that. If anyone is interested I don't know if all have seen but I am making a comp team its going to be from mid silver to mid to high gold. PM me and RVSP for this weekends events if you want to try out. Its from 8:30 CST till midnight. We don't have to play the whole time just want a big enough window to where people can have a chance to tryout.