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  1. Good point. Wasting Evs to max speed when you can't outspeed anything is a waste but it is a common error. If you realize that your mons is still slower than other common treats, just use that points somewhere else and maybe you will be more flexible under Trick Room.
  2. 1) Taunt/fake out to stop Trick Room to set. 2) use slow mons during the Trick Room turns or walls/stall mons to waste the turns 3) reusing trick Room will deactivate it so it could be an option Most of the pain is to recognize possible setters. After a while you will recognize them and you can defend yourself better. Anyway, a slow, bulky mon that can hit hard under Trick Room still is probably the best option.
  3. Wonderful! This will be very useful for VGC beginners and people that started playing competitive Pokemon in general! Really, really excellent work!
  4. Pokemon HeartGold was my first game on the DS. I was in second grade and oh God only knows the hours I spent on it. I remember that I choose Totodile for sheer chance because I was looking at the pokeballs on the touch screen and I didn't realize that the Pokemon was on the upper screen. I remember levelling up only totodile. I remember that I didn't understand how saves work so I spent 2 weeks playing over and over the same thing. I remember that I tried to switch the order of the mons in my team and it scared the shit out of me. I remember spending a month in the little area of the first city because I needed to get the egg and my team was full and I I didn't know about the bank in the pokecenter. I remember Milktank. I remember catching Oh-Ho. I remember using the powder that Oh-ho came with before Lance. It felt like a now-or-never moment. I remember togetic and quagsire somehow destroying the elite 4. I remember my cousin using cheats giving me infinite stuff and spending hours levelling up things. I remember defeating Red. I remember everything. But for me childhood was this, pokemon white (me and my friends fought with cheated mon, and I remember winning most of them) and the cards. Oh, the cards. I spent days playing that game. I bought my first pack cards when i was four and I found Blaziken EX. Played with my grandma with only 9 cards for ages. Then for a birthday I bought like 20 packs of cards for a friend but then my mum said that she already bought a gift for that friend, so I took all the cards. Aaand this is the beginning of a happy childhood.
  5. Perfect work! This is very useful for anyone interested in VGC. Hope to see the next parts soon! P.S.: In the weather setter section, I think you missed Tyranitar (not the mega form) as a setter for sand since he has sand stream also in his base form. Reference
  6. Well congrats on who has passed, good luck for the next battles.
  7. 9 is an amazing score. I'll bet the overall score will be 8.5/9, depends on how many reviewers agree on "USMU is just a full priced DLC for SuMo, but since it brings new things I'll give a decent score".
  8. Very interesting! Unfortunately I can't help with the art part because I can't even draw a straight line, but if I can help in other ways I will help. Also I could translate the text in Italian, but it would be a huge work and I would need the text in english first.
  9. Then if you are free let's battle today evening! I think I will be free from 2100 and ahead. EDIT: I could not be able to play this evening. I will send you a PM if I can get my work done at a decent hour.
  10. @Strider I am free from 8:00/8:30pm to 9:00/9:30pm almost every evening, just contact me on Discord (N1CK0#7751). My timezone is UTC+1.
  11. I REALLY dunno at the moment. I think I might be free this Wednesday evening (8:00/8:30-9:00/9:30) but still I am not sure. Maybe Friday evening same hours it's a more plausible date. My timezone is UTC+1btw. Please if you have Discord add me (N1CK0#7751) because it is simpler for me to see if you are online or not.
  12. In a situation like this rain teams still have the upper hand. Simply use volt switch on zard and then switch to Pelipper. Or zard is OHKOed or still have a huge chunk of life gone. IMHO zard as setter needs of some support wth lighting rod to do not be killed on turn 1.
  13. Thanks! I will work ASAP on this translation if so much person wants it. EDIT: I contacted the owners of the youtube channel, asking if I and @HeliosVelite can translate the video. I will update as soon as they reply.
  14. I would love to translate the video and give to Cydonia the text so he can put English captions on his video, unfortunately I think I can't work on it until Thursday. Feel free to start though, Cydonia really needs to be discovered by English speakers.