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  1. So we got a new frontliner to work with. What do you guys think about him? To me he seems to have a great combo potential with his 3 CC abilities (mods aside) but he seems no to have lots of ways to stay alive + his defensive is predictible
  2. I never played him in a double frontliner comp but I can say that dmg Titus is legit with a double support
  3. I don't know for you guys but for the ult mod for 2 points I like Battle rage better than executionner, I gives +1 dmg for 7% health mising, so it has the same effect than executionner at 30% max pv without trigger condition, and by the time you get to 100 energy, you are often low life
  4. Bojack Horseman Thread

    A really great show that I have discovered not so long ago, the good thing is that the quality is always at the top every season but it does not repeat itself. Hey at least S4 had an happy ending (kinda)
  5. Rick and morty s3 ep 10

    Isn't S3 12 or 13 ep long ?
  6. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Timbersaw : Having an insane mobility, hight burst, litteraly can't die. And cherry on the cake 10/10 voice acting
  7. Remember the words of bigdaddy Notail "everything can work" Agh Chaos Knight support with a Terrorblade carry is very scary
  8. AM scepter isn't that good when the other team know what they are doing, it is extremly situational, viability of aghs have always been a huge debate I remember a while back some analyst ranked every aghs in the game, and well another analyst said it was false... I just remember Purge was implied
  9. Thanks for this usefull guide Literraly happend to me the day after I saw this post and I got the buff thanks to it :) I'd like to mention that if you follow a freelancer that dies during blast phase, you'll walk on his corpse instantly getting the +10 health mini-orb
  10. great build, thanks to it my Titus got complimented by my team leader :))
  11. Yes this is things I didn't saw playing at low levels and it really add depth to the mindgames. So draft phase is very important, however freelancers don't seems to counter each other that hard.
  12. Simple question, in various games like MOBAs it's rather easy to tell it : mehcanical skill, game sense, knowelge, being at the right place at the right time, ect. However I cannot grasp it as easly for atlas reactor, despite it being a very skill based game with no rng.