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    If you see me in any LFG room on our clan TeamSpeak server, please note that I only play Competitive Overwatch in a 6-stack of people who meet the requirements of Team B, Division XV (15), Damage Incorporated clan, regardless to whether they are in Team B or not. Thank you.
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  1. Date: Saturday 16 December Time: 3PM GMT Hosting Officer: @Nevbox Event Attendance Token: Clan vs Clan Action Token Event Added to DI Steam Group Calendar? (Clan Wide Events): No Details: A scrim against FW Yggdrasil.
  2. [DI-XV] Team B vs Tapoc

    Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 Time: 19:00 GMT Hosting Officer: @Rok Event Attendance Token: Clan vs Clan Action Token Event Added to DI Steam Group Calendar? (Clan Wide Events) Details: Our main monthly scrim, organized against a team called Tapoc.
  3. [DI-XV] Team B Scrim

    Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2017 Time: 14:00 GMT Hosting Officer: @Nevbox Event Attendance Token: Clan vs Clan Action Token Event Added to DI Steam Group Calendar? (Clan Wide Events) Details: Our main monthly scrim. Against Rambok. Participants: Bridz, Kuhaku, Spartmarc32, Basa, Nevbox, Corvo, Nicko.
  4. Thank you, @snooperii! =) Hey @Peng, the team I'm managing, Team B, is around Gold tier now. We're at 13 team members now, and, according to the clan rules, a team can be 15 people max. One spot is reserved for a coach, and we need a main tank for that last spot left. So even though it's not exactly a perfect match right now and today, let's talk in private messages and see if we can work something out. Feel free to check some of the details and requirements on the Team B thread. It's very long, so I don't expect you to read even 10% of the whole thing, but just the team requirements and any other bullet points if interested. I'll send you a private message now, too, so you have something to reply to. Thank you, both, again.
  5. There's a famous, I think, YouTube video that has a very similar message to this. I wasn't convinced by it. The main motivation, it seemed, was to avoid toxic people or getting tilted. In my opinion, it's much more effective to just mute individual teammates, and continue to give--and use--call-outs and even try to shot-call for your team, and especially from Bronze to Platinum. You can give your team a huge advantage at those tiers if you're a good shot-caller or at least you make important call-outs like "flanker, left" and that sort of thing. From my experience at those tiers, people do listen to you and turn around to pay attention to flankers and such. Communication won't be a great advantages at those tiers only in a few cases when there's a smurf in the enemy team or generally matchmaking messed up and there's a huge skill gap; otherwise, communication will always give you a significant advantage over a team that's similar to your team's skill level and not communicating as much as you.
  6. These are excerpts from my team's set of rules and guidelines: The important point here is that shot-calling is not the same thing as calling-out or giving call-outs. They're two different and separate things. And a relevant point is that, while everyone should give call-outs, all 6 team members, only one or two should be assigned as shot-callers. In solo queue, that just happens naturally because usually only a few people are using the mic anyway. You'd give your team a better chance if you just step up for the shot-caller position, and it's good to see that you're trying to learn about it, because a bad shot-caller can be a major reason for his team's loss as much a good shot-caller can be a major reason for his or her team's win. Also I personally believe, as show in the excerpts, that a shot-caller must be using a hero that can see almost all their teammates and almost all the opponents almost all the time. This applies to not just support heroes, but other examples I mentioned above. I've had extensive discussions with people who said that they do very well shot-calling as Tracer or some other flanker, and I always came out from the discussion without any evidence to change my mind from the understanding that if you can't see your teammates and the enemies, almost all of them and almost all the time, then you can never fulfill the full potential of an excellent shot-caller, one who makes split-second decisions to gain advantages that only last for one or two seconds.
  7. Congratulations, Snooperii! Good going, bud. =)
  8. I think Blizzard is keeping the details about this, or some of the numbers, unknown intentionally. Last I heard, though, there are 5 levels of escalating timed bans, and the 6th is a season ban. However, there is also a reset time after each ban. Meaning, if you get disconnected (or leave) 5 matches in a row, then you'll get banned 24 hours at the 5th match, and you should stop, because the next match/ban will probably a season ban. However, if you get disconnected one match, then play, say, 3 matches, then that counter is reset, and you can safely get disconnected 5 times later on. Please note that the numbers above are not confirmed. They're just what I heard is the case, but they're probably accurate, give or take. I hope that makes sense.
  9. Yeah, Reaper gets a balance between damage-boosting, at close-range, no less, and healing, on top of his mild leeching as he damages opponents; he body-blocks Mercy and Mercy also uses Reaper as cover, and in a fairly good team, it's like a truck running down walls (shields) and mowing enemies down.
  10. There are probably countless cliche or unhelpful answers to that question, answers that are almost not answers at all. If I am to think about it, I'd say that two people can agree on passion about the same game, even the same top 3 games; they can agree on values like freedom and peace; they can even agree on the most exciting or fun characters/classes/heroes to play in the same games, but then, subtle differences in culture, upbringing, beliefs, and habits can kick in to make them get attracted to other, different, even opposing things. For example, two best friends can grow up together and become almost carbon copies of each other in almost everything, but on was raised, say, by a single mother, while the other was raised in home where the father is the one most available due to the mother's work schedule; just that difference can mean a world of differences in what kind of girls these two guys will get attracted to...and what kind of voice-lines they may find cool. =)
  11. Ana + Reaper. Ana + Soldier. Mercy + Reaper. Orisa + Bastion. Orisa + Torbjörn. Some of these duos are obvious or self-explanatory, some, no so much, but they all have very good tactical or strategic reasons.
  12. "We are in harmony."--Zenyatta. It's good to say that once and up to three times at the beginning of any match, and occasionally when all 6 members of your team are alive in a death ball. However, of course, everyone knows that the indisputable number 1 and best line in Overwatch is: "You seem familiar. Ain't I killed you before?"--McCree. Closely followed by: "[chuckle] Watch and learn."--McCree, but only when you're good enough to use it. =) And I gotta say, while it's nowhere near McCree's quote, also Lucio's quote, "Why are you so angry?", is quite near to my heart. It's the way he says it, well voice-acted, and also its relevance, not just the mild relevance to an opponent, but its high relevance to one of your own teammates, and its potential to make them laugh, instead of staying tilted and angry for real. =)
  13. Hi my name is Nevbox

    Ouch. There's NO way I can do caving, then, that would be just too claustrophobic for me. xD
  14. Hi my name is Nevbox

    Nevbox, welcome to Damage Incorporated, and welcome yet again to Team B of Division 15, the SHARKS....of DI. =) I'm so glad another potential or soon-to-be engineer is with me on the team! And yeah, even the idea of caving does sound a bit scary, and I'd never do it without a lot of preparation, definitely knee and shin protection, heavy-duty gloves (for all those spiky rocky surfaces on some cave walls), and....from the sound of it.....torso padding, too! LOL. xD
  15. Here to compete in Overwatch!

    Thank you, Girlalmighty. Right back at you! Commented on your own introduction myself. =)