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  1. Title says it all. Everybody has a shiny they don't like, so how would you improve it?
  2. I feel like I've said this before, but it's still absolutely hilarious to me, so I'm saying it again: When I first played Pearl (I was seven at the time), I couldn't find Route 203, literally the third route in the game, so I was stuck in Jubilife City for a month. I spent an entire month trying to figure out how to leave the city. How did I finally make my way out, you may ask? I looked at my Town Map. Yeah... I was stupid. Luckily, I learned my lesson. Wanna hear how I got stuck in Eterna City for another month for an equally stupid reason? Due to being stuck in Jubilife for so long with nothing to do, I ended up with a very overleveled Prinplup. By the time I reached the second gym, it was level 33. Little seven-year-old me had a rudimentary understanding of STAB, so I only used STAB moves in battle. Because of this, my Prinplup's moveset consisted of Bubble, Bubblebeam, Brine, and Water Sport. I reached the second gym having basically one-shotted everything in my way. However, the Grass-type gym did not take to kindly to my godly Prinplup. I breezed through the trainers with no problem, but Gardenia, the gym leader, was a whole 'nother problem. While I could take out her first two Pokemon (Cherubi and Turtwig) with relative ease, I usually had enough damage stacked up on my Pokemon that her Roserade would KO Prinplup with no problem. i still get flashbacks whenever i see magical leaf... I trained and trained Prinplup to survive the Magical Leaf, but even whenever I was able to bust through the first two Pokemon with a lucky crit or something, I couldn't deal enough damage to KO the Roserade and its Sitrus berry just healed it back up again. Until one fateful day... I had been bringing in whatever Pokemon I had in my boxes to try and do something to Roserade, but nothing seemed to work. I was down to my last Pokemon. Roserade was in the red, with the berry already burned. I sent out Buneary and prayed Quick Attack could knock out Roserade. Roserade just barely survived and I braced myself to lose the battle once again. But Buneary lived on a single hit point. I yelled out in excitement, selected Quick Attack once more, and finally won after seemingly forever. That Buneary remained on my team for the rest of the game and that moment is why Buneary, and by extension Lopunny, is one of my favorite Pokemon.
  3. Just watched aDrive's shiny Goomy reaction before this, so Goodra is at the top of my mind right now.
  4. I want to tentatively say yes, people just thought it wasn't originally because it's so hard to find in the first place.
  5. The usage-bases tier updates are here! Check them out at this link. What are your opinions on them? As somebody who's been really getting into UU lately, I'm interested in seeing how the UU metagame shifts with the new introductions, most notably Stakataka, Mega Charizard Y, Alolan Ninetales, and Kommo-o.
  6. You know, I never really cared for Sceptile, but now that I've used it in a green-themed Emerald team, drafted it in the draft league, and mained it in Pokken, I've gained a newfound appreciation for it. I think it might be my favorite now, so I guess that's what I'm picking.
  7. Yeah, everybody keeps pushing for a 2018 release, but I'm really hoping for 2019. That would show that they had the time to really develop it and make it excellent. I think the wording of the E3 announcement is what's getting everybody hyped up for it to release as soon as possible, but to me, the reveal just felt like they were trying to do damage control after the backlash the USUM reveal got and Pokemon for Switch was never meant to be confirmed so early.