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  1. - had to shut down the stream early due to some bad lack of sleep.. 

  2. Finishing up my sandwhich then ill be live over on the DI twitch @ www.twitch.tv/dmgincs with some ARK Survival Evolved!

  3. Live with some ark over at www.twitch.tv/dmgincs for a few hours before schedule starts :)

  4. www.twitch.tv/dmgincs - last tuesday stream from me (atleast scheduled) for a while due to some reallife changes.. Starting a little late today though.. But come join!

  5. Live with some ark over on my personal twitch @ https://www.twitch.tv/xramius

  6. Live with some ark over @ www.twitch.tv/dmgincs

  7. Live on the DI twtich @ www.twitch.tv/dmgincs

  8. Media sharing is now available when donating on www.twitch.tv/dmgincs ! slowly making the stream more interactive!

    1. Vegas


      Hell yeah :D

    2. Zhorteye


      And its online now ! :)

  9. going live on www.twitch.tv/dmgincs with some chill streaming. Gonna be finishing up some stuff on wow, then its on to either GTA5 or Runescape depending on the mood! :)

    1. Falx


      Noooice :)! 

  10. Live with a early morning stream on www.twitch.tv/dmgincs - Doing some chill OSRS :)

  11. Say hi to the camera

    LOl. Didnt realise it was you xD
  12. Going live on the DI stream! come hang out and help slay the streamboss?! :D www.twitch.tv/dmgincs

  13. Streamboss is now available on the DI twitch streams! Come over and help bring it down!

  14. Live over at www.twitch.tv/dmgincs - trying to climb a little today, end of season pushing!

  15. I'm looking to start up a team for the next season within the EUNE venture. - This would be a highgold+ team, with focus on flex. Daily games and always a focus on improving and winning.. If this is of any interest please pm me here or ingame.