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  1. I asked to coach people but not get coached @TinyMario
  2. Name and Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dwarfbutt/ Current highest rank in Rocket League: Diamond 2. What can you help other players with the most: Rotation and Positioning. Are you willing to coach multiple players or just one: I can do multiple but would prefer just one. Do you have any players you prefer to coach: Nope
  3. DI VII bo5 Friendly CvC

    Event Details: Time: 29th of November 7PM GMT Region: Europe Roster: @cranK @Jurgler @Dutske Opposition Roster: Aidan, Rajax and Mullins Rounds: Bo5
  4. I had to post this!

    That has to be one of the best things i have ever seen xD
  5. Nice, wish i had good enough team mates to stick with it to try to win
  6. Preferred pet

    Definitely cats, i've had 3 over my lifetime
  7. i hope you dont get there :)
  8. Upgrading Graphics card

    depends on the budget but i would suggest 1060 as it can run with most games and costs £200
  9. Pc Build Opinions

    just depends on the budget
  10. Overclocking - How dangerous is it?

    overclocking isnt dangerous as long as you have a decent power supply
  11. Bang-for-the-Buck Laptop?

    I can only recommend mine tbh, It's not really a gaming laptop but it's good for lighter games and runs fast (Acer Aspire E1-572P)