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  1. Yeah that could be true, I would say a big part would be the framerate. When switching from PC and Xbox the 250fps compared to the 60fps is very noticable.
  2. Yeah I have heard of that however I am wondering if in rocket league it makes much of an impact?
  3. If anyone is struggling with finding camera settings that they like, then I have a good solution to help you. There are two options here to help you 1. http://prosettings.net/rocket-league-pro-camera-settings-controller-list/ - choosing a pros camera settings may be a good starting place to find what you like and dislike 2. this will help to understand which settings do what, so you can change according
  4. Octane - Dominus - Batmobile all the way
  5. I have been wondering recently what monitor frequency everyone is using. A lot of people are wondering how they themselves in rocket league can improve and from experience, this is a big factor in high level and even low level rocket league. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz4JMmVj7yo - This will help explain what it actually does