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  1. Hospital or Prison/Crater for me. It's best when it's out of the way of the flight path so very few land there.
  2. I'm sure some higher ELO players are aware of this, but I just figured it out last night. Duskblade has two passives. BLACKOUT lets you kill wards that spot you every 1:30 minutes. NIGHTSTALKER lets you pop people as long as you haven't been seen by the enemy team. If you've been seen by a ward in Fog of War, your NIGHTSTALKER passive will start to tick down. So if you are trying to gank a lane, have no idea it's warded, walk up through river and if your passive starts to tick down, they have that area warded and can see you. This is beneficial because you don't have to waste time ganking that otherwise would have failed because the enemy had vision. It's also important for late game vision and controlling the map.
  3. I stopped playing S5, and came back a month ago to see how I'd do. It takes a lot of time to progress and climb the ladder, so you have to be willing to put the time in to see where your ELO sits.
  4. I'm S5 on NA & can fill for anything. IGN: Razur Add me!
  5. Whoa, nice! Best I've gotten was Super Galaxy Fizz, but I haven't unlocked yet because I don't play Fizz. lol
  6. Yeeeessssss, it's my favorite thing to pull off as a Sombra main.
  7. I don't listen to music when I play OW because it makes it harder to hear footsteps or ultimates. :/
  8. > Find a good Duo partner MFW all my friends are Diamond+. ;-; But it's true about playing Pharah at Bronze & Silver level. Other players in Bronze & Silver can't hit a moving target in the air because everyone's aim sucks at that level. Pharah's a super easy way to Gold.
  9. Same. I was super lucky and had it drop for me. I like Reapers Dirt-bike skin too, but I don't have it. Bought the Mercy skin instead. :/
  10. Orianna changes are interesting. You can now "prep" your ult or W by activating it while the ball is in motion. When it stops, the ult or W will activate.
  11. Worst experience was having a 13 y/o and his older brother on my team and having them shit-talk the two girls. And I mean, REALLY shit-talk, like the kind that other women usually complain about. The "bitch", "make me a sandwich", "you'll never amount to anything", "don't do a man's job", "shut up you're a woman", etc. The whole nine yards. Of course the appropriate response was "you'll never get a girl with attitude", "you're probably a virgin", etc. My main concern was role model the 13 y/o had. Like yeah, it's one thing to have small banter like that during a match. But to have it go on for the whole game to the point to where it escalates into a shouting match? That kiddo is being trained to be toxic AF, and there's nothing I can do. Luckily I managed to record the match too because it was honestly the most over the top I've never witnessed in any online game. Nothing has come close to it since.
  12. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "Time's arrow neither stands still, nor reverses; it merely marches forward."
  13. Favourite Food to Get When Out?

    I think Sushi hand rolls are my new thing. There's a place by my work that makes fantastic hand rolls, cold fish, warm rice, all wrapped in a blanket of Nori. Mmmmm...