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  1. Exactly, and sometimes you can't even get away cause there is always people there :P
  2. Which Steam Game Do You Have Most Hours In?

    Rocket League, 2000+ hours. :)
  3. What do you do out side of gaming?

    uhh... nothing....? Gaming... is... uhhh... MY LIFE!. Jk I have a GF and school my m8 :)
  4. I'm like, its just too damn good. Still can't realise how good the new places are <3 Epic did a good job.
  5. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    Is myself a valid answer? :3
  6. I am back

    Wb <3
  7. We could do a 1v1 soon if you want, maybe try and give eachother some tips. I'm around high diamond in 1's :)
  8. For Fortnite, Ninja and Dakotaz :) In general: (Rocket League streamer) Rizzo
  9. There is a dribbling workshop, pretty helpful! :) Some of the packs I use: Airdribbles ground/wall: 9D87-258C-3C05-6FA9 Redirect pack: 89EF-56F8-B1E6-1619 Another Redirect pack: 7B6D-9D2B-D123-E6B5 Backboard shots: E94F-C04B-434D-7FE6
  10. Im more of an alround player, sometimes hitting every save in defense, then scoring every shot in offense.
  11. Would be quite sick. But I think they will do something likes this next summer :)