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  1. im a masters genji main and currently have a 63% win rate on him in season 7 if you open up a private pm with me we can chat and talk in ts as well
  2. i cant rein what soever shoot i can barely play anyone besides genji
  3. Song of the Day

    i remember playing this song on guitar hero 3
  4. Hiya!

    Hello and welcome to DI hope you enjoy your stay :D
  5. Worst on the job experience?

    long story short we were shipping out generators after the hurricanes and they are not light. i spent 5 and a half hours lifting an dloading 135 pound generators into the trailers and it was exhausting and my manager would get my any help by the end of the day my arms were dead
  6. Whos ready for season 7!!! let me know your thoughts on the new season
  7. What you listening to?

  8. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    Mulan easy lol
  9. 50 post???

    its quite a bit
  10. QUICK! Best joke you can tell me... GO!

    why did the cookie go to the hospital..... because it felt crummy XD
  11. im pretty good at lee sin but i would like to master him
  12. What you listening to?