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  1. I mean honestly there's no real way somebody can teach you to aim in games where aiming is a massive part of them. You just need to put in a lot of time and learn from your mistakes and improve over time, be patient and it will pay off in the end. I play cs:go and it took me roughly 3k hours of playing before I understood how to aim properly etc.
  2. NEW!

    Ayyy M3XI, how you doing? Welcome to DI friend, hope you have tons of fun with us! :)
  3. Personally I think there's no real way somebody could explain to you how to aim with a crossbow. Just simply grab one and learn from mistakes and see for yourself what the bolt drop is on different distances. Pubg should add some 'Shooting Range' mode where you go on your own and try out the different guns, that would be awesome :D.
  4. Hey

    Hi Trippy! Awesome name by the way :O, I wish my parents were as cool as yours haha! There's tons of amazing players in Overwatch here in DI, Overwatch is in fact packed in DI! It's really popular! You'll definitely have tons of fun and maybe even go competitive within DI :).
  5. Hiya!

    Yo Galen! Seems like you're a very good Overwatch player :D, maybe you can teach me some day when I'll feel like playing it. Apart from that, enjoy your day and the time you have here in DI :)!
  6. hello everyone

    Sup Trossi! How you doing? Let's hope you'll enjoy your time in here DI...wait...you 100% will enjoy your stay here! I guarantee it :)
  7. Hello Everyone!

    Hi Kage :). Welcome to DI! Hope you enjoy your time with us which I'm sure you will! :D
  8. I mean for sure it's sad and worrying but honestly, no offence to anybody but I try not to believe everything I'm told on the internet without some kind of backup proof, being able to afford the internet and play a game that had to be bought doesn't really make you poor at all. Having access to the internet and games is still a big privilege around the world. Other than that, it's for sure again a very sad story and quite annoying that some people may still live like that even in 2018, I have some friends that only play games because they're struggling in real life to hang on, they got bullied at home as well as school and nobody cared to help out and only escape was games and the virtual world.
  9. I'm new to town!

    ???? :D Enjoy your stay in DI mate!
  10. Hey :3

    Yo! Welcome to DI! Good to have you with us, enjoy your stay bud! :)
  11. Hey guys

    Big warm welcome from me! Welcome to DI mate!
  12. Wingman is fairly easy as you're always 2vs2, even if your teammate dies you can easily clutch 1vs2. Also, it takes a different skill and teamwork level to play 2vs2 which actually is a lot easier than 5vs5.
  13. What kind of monitor do you use?

    Acer Predator XB271HK 27" 4k 3840x2160 IPS G-Sync Is currently my favorite monitor that I've got my hands on. No real tech reason why I like it, it's simply the best one I've had yet :).
  14. Fallen and Olof :). Fallen is my AWPer role model, I love the way he plays with it and also the fact of him being a really calm player despite being such an aggressive AWPer. Olof, simply because of how legendary this guy is, his name is always around in cs:go even when he's not performing and I love the clips of him and Pasha playing together :D.
  15. Hey all!

    Yo whatsup!? I see you play many games...natural gamer! Welcome to DI buddy, enjoy your stay!