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  1. Yea it is true, but some people think it is rigged. I think it's fine and if you deserve to be out of your rank you will slowly climb.
  2. If you didn't know, you have a hidden sr called mmr. That is based off your skills and the higher it is the more sr you will gain.
  3. Comment on what song you think fits perfectly with your Main/Mains In the video, I thought Hanzo's was the best and Torbjorn and Tracer's were the hilarious.
  4. Lucio Tip: Wall climbing is almost half of Lucio's kit. Don't forget to use it.
  5. Guys we all now it's junkrat let's be honest he's a character than can kill quickly with no skill. Now widow can one shot but that requires so much skill and hanzo has skatter and that takes some skill and is on a huge cool down, but junk takes barely any, plus he can pretty much insta kill 3 people if done right. Shoot mine *Dead* Shoot Mine *Dead* Caught in trap shoot shoot *Dead* Let's be real here boys.
  6. Honestly there is no meta. Right now not one team comp dominates. Atleast that's what i've seen so far. Season 5 everyone tried to fit into dive meta. Now it's just like ok everyone goes their mains and we'll do good. It also depends on the map, certain maps junk is OP and meta other he sucks.
  7. That's either when you start calling stuff out or just plain mute team chat, because what are they going to do if they can't talk to you/ chat to you. What healer are you playing? With all the healers you have your own way of dealing with flankers. Lucio well he has boop his own self sustain and wall ride. Mercy has her shift and in close quarters her pistols hurt. Zen has super damage output and has his discord so you just need to practice aim. Ana has her sleep that leads into insta kill and her nade to keep her self sustained. It may be easy to blame your teammates, but you can't because like seagull said you're the only one holding yourself back. "Just Get Gud"
  8. This is good, but just make sure not to do it longer than 20 to 30 mins as it can build bad habits since bot don't move in an unnormal way.
  9. Ooh, interesting. I don't think it was an easter egg though. You might've just done it for the looks.
  10. Well why do you think your not climbing? Don't blame on mmr because mmr will rise as you get better.
  11. In all honesty a i think it's fine. If you want to really know, get a ult account and place on that. A few high rated players told me that if you are indeed really good with your character you will climb. Last night I had time for 2 comp games, lost first one for 19sr than gained 30 the next. I'm just stuck because of the mindset I have right now. If you think you truely should be in diamond than work for it.
  12. Looks really nice man, the editing and all. I think the music fits with it.
  13. Hm good point, I guess i'll try that next game.
  14. Ya, I usually never have to fill.