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  1. Thanks to @Venomous3 and @chicior for playing with me and bringing up the combined skill level a little which allowed this to happen :D then carrying me to victory against my idol Kux. Today was a good day, our cars touched and I even demo'd him once xD Anyway that rekindled my ambition for this game... One day Kuxi boy I'll shake your hand! #BestDayEver
  2. Warming up on a cold evening

    looking a hell of a lot more feminine in that pic than I remember dillu
  3. OMG check my steam profile tab xD it lists all my 500 games I think

  4. Music Videos that Tell Great Stories

    OOOOH I have a great one! I hope you all enjoy the great song and amazing music video that is alt-J's Breezeblocks.
  5. Always trust yourself!
    I've had such a depressing week because of this:
    My MMR in Rocket League plummeted over the past week... The whole time I felt like I was delayed or some shit... I thought it was just me being delayed and not perceiving the game as quick as I normally do...
    Turns out my new Motherboard had a few "features" one of which was much better network control, a lot of settings that basically slow down network processing to save power and be more efficient. Turned that off and boom baby, I think I'm bouncing back!

    Also it's soo much easier sometimes in Rocket League to just 1v2. Damn team mates always getting in the way.

    Next step. Get my Champ back. Then get champ 2.

    Trust yourself.

  6. little bit pissed off... I checked my RSVP for MT yesterday 3 times earlier in the week. Yet I still somehow have managed to not have been RSVP'ed.

    1. Sona
    2. Abi


      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    3. TheSuperSoldier


      Ye, I was as well. Got the token, and was struck anyway

  7. Top 3 favorite Anime?

    1. Non Non Biyori 2. Dan Machi (Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka) 3. Tokyo Ghoul Gotta shout out Nabari no Ou in a close 4th though. I like my Anime to be quite silly xD no serious stuff for me! except for the fact NNB is a work of ART! but still silly.
  8. best anime openings

    Nabari No Ou, incredibly under rated Anime IMO. I also really liked the To Love Ru opening song but the video is borderline "DI Friendly" The South Park version is a little less lewd so I'll link that one xD The song is really good IMO
  9. Missing half the images on the forums now...

    Also 14 of my 21 bookmarks no longer work :L
    at least links to posts still work.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. GreatJackal


      clear cache and refresh 

    3. Silicate


      @GreatJackal Tried that. Nothing happened. 

    4. Abi


      all good now :)

  10. Im a day early but I dont care gonna start blasting christmas songs on my speakers all night long.. sorry neighbors

  11. One of my favourite documentaries that highlights freedom of information and freedom of the internet is called Killswitch. It's on netflix and follows the story of Aaron Swartz https://www.netflix.com/search?q=killswitch&jbv=80130567&jbp=0&jbr=0
  12. Without net neutrality you have no growth because there's no competition ** Without net neutrality, ISPs are free to favor and thus monopolize which ever company they are financially invested in as per the example I gave above: with net neutrality, every internet based company is given a level playing field with which to compete against each other on!
  13. I can find you some examples of what ISPs have done even with net neutrality in place. See spolier.
  14. I've campaigned quite a lot on this issue. If America loses net neutrality it can have a global impact due to the number of services hosted in the US. I won't go into too much detail but the way I see it, there's 3 main points. Global Effect, Increased Cost, Freedom of Information. Put really simply, losing net neutrality allows company's, whose only concern is profit, to control what information you can and can't see and what price you have to pay for anything. Imagine having to pay more to use iTunes instead of Spotify, or Sony Entertainment Network instead of Xbox Live or to push it even further... imagine Xbox Live being blocked because Sony are paying your ISP more. These examples might be extreme but the point is net neutrality maintains freedom of the Internet. The internet is Global not American. Land of the free, taking away internet freedom. Irony at it's best :)