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  1. Oh man Jhzer's control... this makes me wanna play breakout. If y'all see me on breakout later you know why xD
  2. Favorite pizza topping?

    I kinda wanna just take a minute to appreciate Pizza as a food. It's yummy and just look at all the different ways we as a race can enjoy it! even if some of us want to be weirdos and put pineapple on it...
  3. I can play with any car. The lower cars I'll often miss a bit more with as I like to get those hits directly after the bounce. I will always do better with Octane though than anything else :/
  4. Barbecue sauce spread on toast. Me and some friends started the trend at highschool. I bought a packet of bbq sauce from the canteen to go on my bacon sandwich but they'd run out of bacon sandwiches so I just got some toast and put the bbq sauce on the toast. Got lots of strange looks and questions but by the end of the year there were quite a few people enjoying bbq sauce on toast either with their bacon sandwiches or on their own. The discovery probably saved me quite a bit in lunch money in the long run.
  5. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    Lol I'm also allergic to nuts xD don't like white chocolate though.
  6. Fresh from the farm

    Lol butt nuggets, kinda true as chickens have a cloaca!
  7. I want to make a cake. What cake should it be?

    make a jaffa cake.
  8. Aww no worries then, get a duo partner with a good PC to stream?
  9. Game definitely has recoil! The spread on some of the weapons is hard enough without more recoil too, if anything I'd have them tighten it up not the other way around.
  10. Aww man my favourite fortnite player has to be @Devin boys, no contest! Now if only you could stream more kappa
  11. LOL, well at least his boosting services are probably effective.
  12. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    I could definitely go for a chocolate spread sandwich right now! @Fluffy you prefer you chocolate spread with nuts or plain?
  13. I used to watch a lot of FNC in LoL and thought I might as well watch their CS team as I'd often see good results on their twitter. Main reason I ever even touched CS in the first place. I sucked at CS tho xD and the LoL team is meh now so RIP