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  1. 1) LAG & RUBBER BANDING 2) Smurfs & Boosters. 3) How the skyline gtr is a pay to win car.
  2. Would like to say a huge thanks to @snooperii he has made my experience at DI 10x better than it was. Even though he is a higher rank than me he still decides to play with me and puts up with my stupidity. Have got along really well with him and has made this community so much fun for me! Thanks dude :love:

  3. Any fast ways of seeing what events are going on? 

    I've been attending as many events as possible over the past few days and having alot of fun meeting new people and doing these events. 

    But the only way I've been able to see what's going on is by going through everyone's calendars. Is there a way of seeing when events are and only events? If not I suggest this to be added ;) 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Enigma


      Not possible unfortunately

    3. Abi


      there is always the "All Calendars" calendar, thats what I use. https://forum.dmg-inc.com/calendar/

    4. HighLifeYT


      @Abi That's pretty helpful! Just what I was looking for :) Ty!! 

  4. Got my first Honor Star! I'm happy af :) 

  5. I've quit pubg about a month ago and haven't launched it since. There servers have been very slow. alot of unexplained crashes etc. I run it at ultra with at least 90 fps at all times. so that's not the problem. On top I feel like a lot of hate may be coming from fortnite players. But I don't feel like they should be receiving all this negativity. As the game is also in early access and isn't fully released till late next year.
  6. Where I've been.

    Me and my dad wasn't getting on for a long time. I have been living with him for 2 years and have recently been kicked out. Im currently living with my mom and will be sorting out my pc ect soon. Sorry for my inactivity. See you all soon!
  7. Legit... since around 200 hours ive played with it like it. I can airdribble. dribble and everything. I've tried playing "normally" But i do terrible
  8. I've been using my camera distance at 400 for the past how long. I prefer it
  9. Hey! I'm Highlife! (Max)

    Cheers ;) Hope to see you around!
  10. Hey! I'm Highlife! (Max)

  11. Hey! I'm Highlife! (Max)

  12. Hey! I'm Highlife! (Max)

    Cheers @Vod - I hope to see you around!
  13. Hey! I'm Highlife! (Max)

    Gamer or not. I love communicating and talking to new people. And I will be trying to support the community as much as possible. If that is with suggestions or helping out with management. I will be round ts if you wanna talk