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  1. help me get 50 post lol

    lol u are helping me too thank you xD
  2. Moi guys

    Hi guys i am Mohamed from Morocco i am 15 years old have been playing games since 7 years old i love gaming and i hope i will be finally part of an ACTIVE COMMUNITY and i insist on active xDDDD
  3. Hey, guys i am HMODHQ on steam i was looking for a team mate and some how i found one of your members by the name of ENIGMA he tried his best to get me to join the clan but i was too lazy that day and didn't think this community was active enough in order for me to join it but after checking some stats about the web site i changed my mind. so guys i need help do, here are my qestions : -What are divisions ? -When will i get a team mate and how ? -Does the 10 posts required to apply for regular membership must be forum posts or they can be replies too ? Thank's in advance !