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  1. What TV shows are y'all watching?

    I watched it all the way through and I do have to say it kinda falls of a bit in season 3. Great series never the less though.
  2. ye just bring a big dino yourself to defend it. And if it wanders off you can always whistle it to follow you back to the plants.
  3. What I've been doing is taking a moschop along the river to the swamp looking area and let it wander in the high reeds while boosting it's rare flower harvesting. I had a moschop staked away somewhere over there but there is no sign form him anymore.
  4. That's only viable if you have a quetz already though. What I usually do to tame my first quetz (if I'm alone) is get an argy, grappel to the side of it (whilst in the air), then switch between spam whistling 'passive' (to make it hover in place) and whistling 'attack this target' (to make it get closer). Make sure your argy never hits it and then just get your tranq darts out and shoot it down. This however isn't that easy, especially if your new. But once I've got one quetz I use the same method as you.
  5. The tumbnail is a giga in a wooden pen on a raft, I wouldn't try that though :s It might not end well :D
  6. Baby wyverns aren't cute... they just look derpy
  7. sucks though that the release date has been pushed back -_-
  8. @Aralornx, @Zaweri @Batman, it did fix itself thx mate
  9. haven't tried yet, I'll try that tonight when I get some free time :D
  10. I crafted the steampunk airship on Ragnarok PvE but it's buggy as fuck, it's pretty much impossible to fly. Do any of you know of a fix for it?