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  1. The draft is 90% of the game. If you have a carry that cannot contest Bristle Back/Timber/Abbadon you needa support that can sufficiently zone them. You need to be able to get ahead in your lane by denying and yell at your support to not leave you until you can bully out the offlaner.
  2. Pick him against Heroes you easily dominate in lane. Bad lane supports are: Crystal Maiden, Witch Doctor, Earth Shaker, Dazzle. They all are really squishy and die easily to treants. Start off with BoS, rush Phase Boots, you will hit like a truck really soon and once you hit level 6 make sure to coordinate ganks with your team - but don't forget to farm. NP is all about map control. Spawn treants adn kill ranged creeps. DONT FARM JUNGLE IF THERE IS A LANE THAT ISN'T BEING FARMED BY THE OTHER 8 HEROES: Basically you need to be pushing out lanes, forcing one hero back to defend and then you fight with your team. NP's team is terrible at 5v5 fights, but can easily dominate 5v4. Good luck.
  3. In a good game in 6.88 I was getting 12 minute Radiances with Armlet. I mean I got that timing atleast twice.
  4. > dubstep > 600 MMR I think there is a correlation in there somewhere. :thinking:
  5. I mean I am completly biased but Aghs on Techies completly changes the game. The Ability to blow up entire creep waves with one mine allows you to split push while not activley pushing, it gives you so much map control and boosts your farm by A LOT. Gotta get that Bloodthorn + Mealstrom for that lvl 25 Talent.
  6. If you played 100 games of Techies straight you will understand what the most fun hero is.
  7. That was a great nerf to her ability to jungle, pick up bounty runes and be a useful lane support. Once a rotting butcher comes in range of her, not even the wolves of icerack can help her!
  8. Hey, at least you aren't 59 MMR!
  9. It is you, PandaxD. Hello, PandaxD. Welcome, PandaxD.
  10. I love when Techeis picks up an Arcane Rune. Mines for days! Also Techies' haste rune animation is great, when the 270 ms hero is faster than your average Bloodseeker.
  11. I have 600 games played on Techies. I love Techies. Nothing can surprise you in a Techies game. Techies changes the game in such a way no other hero can. Techies is awesome. Techies is great. Techies will rule Dota.
  12. Totally not Josh. Was great playing with someone that wasn't called Josh. I hate Josh.