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  1. I have a spending problem ;-;

    My Xbox Library includes 136 applications, and 2 4 TB externals, my steam library includes 102 applications, I also build mid(1000$) to high end(2500$) computers as a hobby. And yes, steam, gog, and humble sales kill me. Didi I also mention i'm into gunpla?
  2. LONG TERM ANIME LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Everyone! I have this idea for an awesome anime event for people who are interested in a more dedicated viewing experience. The goal is to find an anime of either 12 episodes or more and host 1 or 2 events a week on a weekly bases until the anime is completed. I understand that the commitment might be a little much but regardless of which event's you can make you will obviously be awarded your tokens. Now for those special few that do make it to all the event's, watch all the episodes and are super dedicated, I will be giving out special awards for such prestigious attendance! If this interests you or you have any questions or suggestions pm me on the forums and let's get this going!
  3. best anime openings

    To be honest I'm thoroughly enjoying Aldnoah.zero's Intro and outro's.
  4. Can SomeOne Give Me 10,000 dollars PLEASE!!!?

    Right!?!?! Dude that case though..... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!
  5. I enjoyed the first season as well, didnt much care for the elf arch, but i did enjoy Gun Online
  6. Forgetting someones name..

    I just generally roll with the dumb blank face routine if they dont like being called sir or ma'am. My mind is like RAM, volatile
  7. Can SomeOne Give Me 10,000 dollars PLEASE!!!?

    Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Can SomeOne Give Me 10,000 dollars PLEASE!!!?

  9. Can SomeOne Give Me 10,000 dollars PLEASE!!!?

    I cried lol I wanna do a custom water cooling build so bad!
  10. He everybody! Hey @Ragetonaka and @Axion Are looking for clips and video for a new montage we want to put together for a new recruiting video for Rocketleague!!!! As well as editors that can help put them together. Right now all we have is Axion, So if you wanna send him something, please send it as a .replay file or extension.
  11. What is your stand on Net Neutrality?

    I see your points @Abi
  12. What is your stand on Net Neutrality?

    Most of these arguments are still based "coulds" and "if's". Unless I see paper that defines what the companies are gonna do I don't like either side.
  13. What is your stand on Net Neutrality?

    Honestly both are double edged swords. With net neutrality you have no growth because theres no competition, those no drive to create, innovate, or make services better. It gets stail with nothing new flooding the marked. Where as the argruement against privatizing it is just a bunch of what IF's. Both could be good and both could be bad.