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  1. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    Steak is what I want right now
  2. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    boy you weird af
  3. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    Waffles of course
  4. The things that annoys you ?

    You alright m8 ?
  5. Help pls

    So I'm probably being stupid but I'm not sure how you put pictures in posts . I know theres the insert image from your url button but it doesn't work. Help
  6. Why

    My friend just made me remember that school restarts in less then 4 weeks . Fuck me
  7. The things that annoys you ?

    Just post what annoys you . For example when I'm playing with friends I have to lower my ventilator's intensity so they don't hear it through my mic even to its like 35 degree celcius outside.
  8. My Introduction

    Yes I am a french-canadian.
  9. Games for free to play

    Paladins is a fun team based shooter
  10. My Introduction

    Hey guys, I'm SirBoredTurtle. I'm 15 years old that speaks french as a first language. I play paladins. Not much to say more. If any of you want to add me in-game : SirBoredTurtle Yes I am awkward.