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  1. She isn't the most difficult but she is fun to play and can carry harder than expected :D
  2. 8-12 hrs depending on my mood and if i wanna play other games
  3. Learn Taric he is so underrated atm but so good :D
  4. @DrPhilandChill @GiveItToMeBaby Ill be a floater, First team to claim me Ill work with for this tourny :D
  5. It makes it to where PVE servers arent as fun, but im not a big fan of PVE anyways. I didnt like the BP system when it first came out. Itll make it harder for people be too "op" on pvp servers. In my theory atleast
  6. Grab a lot of Frag and in the end game you can make your own "red zone" its gotten me so many Chicken dinners bc of it :D
  7. I like running a Mini and Kar98 ( Yes i know 2x snipers?) Holo/2x on the mini and learning the spray of it is unstoppable :D
  8. Awesome work man! Hope that account gets to where you want it :D
  9. @dmoneyg and I were on a 10 RANKED win streak... then we get a Yas... check it out https://gyazo.com/8cefd549c8be4de0f22f42174d117628
  10. I auto ban Zac stupid little booger
  11. Come hang out with on in the ts we have multiple people who are excited to teach people about the game. :D
  12. Im pretty sure that is something so REALLY kinky people would say... EX: *has whip* yo bi*** You like this? "Imagine if i had a real weapon" this would be lit af. xD