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  1. @Falx thank you for the commendation. I loved working with you, and I'm glad I could help you improve. I hope to have time to keep helping DI in what I can do best. Anything I can do to help you know where to find me!

    I'll leave you with this Otter Programming meme:


    1. Falx


      Hahahah lmao that's pretty funny I never thought about Hello World in this way.

  2. Overwatch Contenders starting in ~10 minutes: https://www.twitch.tv/overwatchcontenders

  3. Heroes of Ananas Tournament

    Let's goooooo boiiis
  4. Can someone help me resize a GIF?

    I think it's 500KB. You upload it and use the risize/gif optimizer thingy :D
  5. Can someone help me resize a GIF?

    Where's my rep for that hard work?!
  6. Can someone help me resize a GIF?

  7. lol

    ahh, keep trying <3
  8. lol

    Not sure if troll, or has no clue how to apply
  9. [DI-XV]Movie Night Starting in 30 Minutes. We'll be watching Baywatch!

  10. [DI-XV] Movie Night tomorrow!! We'll be watching Baywatch!

    Check it out here: https://forum.dmg-inc.com/calendar/event/5481-di-xvmovie-night-baywatch/


  11. Other Languages?

    You can't speak programming languages, but their are indeed languages... So I would say it does count :P I can speak Portuguese and English, and use a few programming languages being the most "fluent" in Java, C#, PHP and Javascript
  12. What is up my buttercups

    Welcome @Kalgrove! Looking forward to see you on teamspeak :)