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  1. If you did get cart I have you team on mine I can send it to you @Ketchupplant
  2. Well guys I have one last round and I'm 3-4 but I'm still feeling good since I beat to people who had competitor badges so I'm still feeling good

  3. Update from worlds I have gone 2-1 only 5 more rounds to go

    1. 13thShade


      Nice! How many CP do you get if you win the Open?

    2. chathesilver
    3. reaperchrisxi


      Idk and why does this guy ^^put k on all my statuses 

  4. Omg I just met Wolfe. He is so nice

  5. Guys I'm at worlds. So excited I'm in the 4th row for the opening ceremony 

  6. Good animes to start

    I always recommend stiens:gate my personal favorite anime ATM and has held that position for almost 2 years now.
  7. Malcolm in the Middle

    I love this show so much. I watch it 3 or more times a year
  8. It's a shame. I really would have liked to go with someone but sadly I will be the only one of my irl friends that will be going. Luckily I live like 30-40 mins from Anaheim. Guess it's time to make friends with people there. Lol.
  9. Where were you when I need mons the other day lol. Have my second team almost ready. Just need to finish leveling them and trade back my slowking. Then it will be done. I also wish I had a way to put homebrew on my n3ds