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  1. Cryptic's Introduction

    Welcome to DI! Enjoy your stay.
  2. It should. The community is so toxic right now, having lots of new players would help the atmosphere.
  3. Apple VS Windows gaming pc

    Dank maymays you got der!
  4. Which is better, Alienware or Razor

    Neither. Both Razer and Alienware have shit build quality to their products.
  5. My LAN PC (Pizza Box PC)

    Pretty good. I built a PC inside a original Xbox case once. It was tough to fit it all, but it did. Thermals were pretty hard to manage at first, but I crammed enough fans in there to dissipate the heat.
  6. AMD or NVIDIA?

    AMD is pretty good. I am upgrading to a Ryzen 5 1600 next week, and I am thinking of buying one of the Vega GPUs.
  7. Question about my pc build

    That PC is not worth upgrading man. also @DDevastatedTV it's called Double Data Rate 4 for a reason. Double the speed readings you get and you are correct.
  8. gaming mouse

    I love the G502, it fits pretty perfect in my hand, has a nice (adjustable) amount of weight to it and has the best sensor on the public market.
  9. So i just got this new pc

    @Egotistical that is actually quite a good deal he got, here in Finland.
  10. Guess next person to post?

    @Raykin you were wrong my friend. My guess is you are going to post next.
  11. What does your Ctrl+V contain?

  12. Get to full flak as fast as possible. Makes you near invulnerable to primitive clubs. Remember that ANY armor helps massively cut torpor damage from wooden clubs. Make use of tranq arrows and crossbows to easily take out naked trolls, and cage them or handcuff them to a chair. Ignore any attempt of provocation they make.
  13. Whatever could go wrong with spawning super aggressive cave dinos everywhere? *sob* my thorny dragon ;-;
  14. I don't really care which it is, my sense of taste is pretty much fucked. I'd say Coke because I like red over blue.