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  1. Taken from Serebii today. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon It has been confirmed that the codes for Heatran and Regigigas for the March part of the Legendary event is to be sent through the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter in North America via Serial Code (you need to sign up by March 1st), and Nintendo Network in Europe from March 1st to March 24th. Like Dialga & Palkia, they differ between games with Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon's being Level 100 with a Gold Bottle Cap and Sun & Moon's being Level 60. Sun & Ultra Sun get Regigigas while Moon & Ultra Moon get Heatran. Our Event Database has been updated with full details of these events Naturally there is no mention of actually how to sign up for this 'newsletter', but checking various threads on reddit it appears you need to do the following. Go to the following location (create an account if you need one) https://sso.pokemon.com/sso/login?locale=en&service=https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trainer-club/caslogin#id_email_opt_in Edit your profile and select the box at the bottom that checks in for emails that looks like this.
  2. So I recently managed to get my hands on a code for the Palkia and Dialga distribution in Sun and Moon and US and UM. (Thanks @Ewok783!) My question is can you SR these for a Shiny or is the code locked? I now you can shiny hunt for the 'other' Pokemon in your game of choice (for example I have US and can shiny hunt Dialga) but I cannot find it confirmed anywhere that you can shiny hunt through the obtained code. Any one tried it?
  3. what is the best RPG that you played?

    Final Fantasy 7 for me. Never before heard of Final Fantasy until a friend brought it around my house to play (he had rented it for 2 days from the video store!) We both loved it and I went on to complete 9, 10 and 12, but for me 7 was always the best. It helped me make friends in high school too!
  4. I try and read as many of the updates and new threads as I can, maybe 1-2 hours a day!
  5. I was not even aware that they were making this! What did you think about the original FF12? I enjoyed the game, as I do with most FF's, however I couldn't get into the story line. That was a disappointment for me.
  6. do you have any pets?

    Two dogs! One a tiny terrier, 10lb and one a pitball, 60lb. The terrier rules the roost!
  7. I don't think thats terrible at all. What was your team?
  8. Taken from Seribii. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Global Link Gift For those of you who registered in the Pokémon Global Link with Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon before January 30th, the special gift of a Master Ball is now available to all qualifying players through this link after logging into the Global Link. The code needs to be redeemed before the end of March 29th link here - https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/present/b9a1c64a-696c-4c8c-8c0a-8ef148ba190a
  9. Never randomly found a shiny, my first one was by breeding many eggs for a shiny froakie in Sun!
  10. Omega Ruby for me, I think the after story is probably the best out there
  11. Always had a soft spot for Zygarde. Very much looking forward to the shiny distribution this year