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  1. Game has it's quirks like any other, far from optimized. You can use some tweaks to make it run smoother. But if you are a fan of the genre you are gonna love it regardless. You get your moneys worth in entertainment. esp if you hit a discount .
  2. hi :)

    Welcome to DI. I havent really gotten around to hang out with div V but I guess we could play rocket league sometimes - if you can bare me missing all the easy shots :P
  3. Hello.

  4. If you guys havent noticed official pvp team is experiancing a drop in activity and we might lose quite a few of people due to inactivity. Looks like we are back at square one...so boss fights/raids seem postponed indefinately.
  5. Hello

    Welcome and have fun.
  6. Good Day

    Hello, welcome to DI.
  7. Moi guys

    Welcome to DI. Community is pretty active, I think you will settle just fine :)
  8. Hola everyone!

    Welcome, make yourself at home.
  9. Bastards intro

    Well, I managed to make a friend try it out and seems that he likes it. We went halfsies and now he's the one of the newer applicants to the clan. I'm having hopes.
  10. Hello im New :)

    Hi New, Im dad. lol Welcome from a newcomer as well. Hope you come to find DI as friendly and helping as I did.
  11. Bastards intro

    Hello DI, I have recently joined Ark DI-IX. No friends of mine wanted to play the game so I sought out a community that had a solid base so I got someone to talk to and grow in game. Boy was I surprised by my luck when I found out DI is so big and well structured. Kudos to You all pitching in money, time and skills into making it all work so beautifuly. Bits about me: 30 years old From Serbia (GMT+1) Cook Playing games has been my favourite passtime since forever, but my work is sucking up almost every wake minute so my time online might be irregular and at odd hours but I'll try to participate in tribe events as much as possible. My secondary game is Rocket League just because I see there is a division. Im playing it casually with some friends couple times a week but more friends to play with is always a good thing so looking forward to meeting the guys from DI-V. And not just them, whole DI. Thank you for having me.