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  1. this is taken from there road map ccyv are comming :) https://rust.facepunch.com/roadmap/ u guys should really take the time to go read it so u know whats comming
  2. u guys should really go take a read of they road map in the end they will be no WIPES :) server or BP's
  3. Enjoy your retirement my man ! :D

  4. thats the best way to do it :)
  5. am not too keen on the BP's tbh i prefer the comps system on it own
  6. in the big cave i can build it for 150 that is 4 small caves with 1 huge ive done it before i can do it agin
  7. yeah we can stewie has a good base to build next wipe he needs a co builder
  8. with caves u can now build alot close since a few months ago
  9. yes and yes if u find the right cave and build it correctly its 150+ rockets
  10. my team depending on where we are sometimes uses both :)
  11. u move stuff in quiet hours :) that's the key
  12. thing is its not that far out :) as long as u dont place it near a mountain they cant see it :) u build a 1by1 on the beach as close or in water where u can get that TC to go low as possible so it covered the vault to stop it degraded :)"Remember TC only Cover 1 lvl down" then u swim out find a nice place with in build range build a 1by1 put 4 triangles comb it then leave one as a door way facing the open sea :) so they cant see the green light of a code lock then place 16 metal drop boxes on the 4 walls in the 1by1 then BOOM u have a seaVault
  13. it is no one ever finds it :) yet!!!
  14. yes if ur sneaky enuff :) i hide stuff in combing all the time or i build a SEAVAULT :) when i mean seavault i build a 1by1 with triangles all fully underwater :)