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  1. Usually this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A92uwTPu8p8
  2. Shadow Fiend. The others look kind of underwhelming to me.
  3. Oh, yeah, another thing, this applies for all positions, but always remember to take enemy bounty runes first if you can reach them in time. You not only get an extra bounty rune, you also deny it from the enemy offlaner/support.
  4. Well, if you're already familiar with the controls and such, I recommend doing some last hit practice. If you don't know what you're doing, just play a hero that you like a bunch of times, then watch a replay of a pro player playing that hero, and see what the pro did differently. Try to do that.
  5. Juggernaut's Pilgrimage of the Bladeform Aesthete set is my favourite.
  6. Half or slightly more of it. Which is actually gigantic considering I have a ton of small things that take up small percentages of my time. And then there's Dota 2. Also considering that I have more freetime in weekdays than most people out there.
  7. I second the advice of most players here to mute, but I prefer it a bit differently: Mute all chat. Enemies, allies, whatever. If someone is pinging a lot, mute them specifically. This really helps you focus. The eye movement that went toward the chat would go to the map, improving your map awareness. You can also focus yourself 100% on the game. If you don't want to mute all chat everygame, do it when you get tilted. After no more than 5 minutes, you will be completely detilted, of course this is only if you're actually focusing on your own game and not dwelling upon the misplays of others. Just ignore feeders and griefers. I won with griefers a few times, it's possible.
  8. Luna and Juggernaut are good in most pubs. Faceless Void sometimes too(from personal experience).
  9. I think if we all share a tip about Dota 2, we'll all benefit in the end. I'll start. If playing against a tinker, you can ward the cliffs on the edges of the map, it gives you flying vision on the area Tinkers usually blink into after TPing to creeps. Example:
  10. Mute all chat & play your own game. If you don't want to mute all chat always, mute it when you're feeling tilted, helps you focus on your game.
  11. For a second there I thought you were the Nyx Assassin. :p
  12. Wait there's another one? I didn't know because he had HD Xd
  13. I don't know, but one thing's for sure: It's not legion commander.
  14. Mission failed, we won't get em next time. 2.x average. We are fucking losers...