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  1. the portion of the post that i quoted
  2. i dont understand what you mean by that can u lower it down to a patrick level?
  3. figuring out what to type to convince u to have me back in di
  4. oh well i wasted 3 minutes figuring out that part and those 3 minutes was a waste then.... thanks...
  5. 1) Are you applying for the Regular or Elite Entry Program?: regular 2) What game are you applying for?: league of legends 3) In-Game Information: (Name/Rank/Level/Experience, World/Server) 17B17 Bronze 4 lvl30 NA 4 a.) Do you have a Steam Account? If so, post a link to your profile: Not Anymore b.) If you use Steam, have you added “-DI-” to your Steam name?(required): 5) Idling in our Teamspeak (ts.dmg-inc.com) is required whilst you are online. Will you be able to abide by this?: I will Try But yes 6 a.) Are you currently in any clans or teams? No b.) Name any previous clans/guilds/teams you were in: Leave blank if not applicable to you. Awol c.) How long were you there and why did you leave? Leave blank if not applicable to you. 2 7) Who invited you to join Damage Inc; where did you learn about us? HarryPickles 8) Do you acknowledge that you will be an Initiate for 4-7 weeks, that you must be 15 years or older and that you must achieve all requirements for full membership depending on the program you are entering?: Yes 9) Why do you wish to join Damage Incorporated? Explain specifically what made you decide to apply: (at least 2-3 lines of text required) I wish to join Damage inc because all of my friends are in this server. I wish to play with my friends and still have fun with them and be all goody and happy. 10 a.) Is this your first time applying for DI? ~~DO NOT LEAVE BLANK~~ No b.) If No, when and why did you leave before? Leave blank if not applicable to you. I Did Not Leave I Was removed because of bieng idle for too long c.) If you were removed from DI (or left) for any reason, why should we accept you back? (at least 2-3 lines of text required) Leave blank if not applicable to you. I Believe you should invite me back in DI because i can do something that i wasnt able to do, Be Idle in the discord and still not have my account removed.
  6. its called team10
  7. narutos ten tails fight (SPOILERS)

    He did but they got a sample of somekind from the first hokage and got his arm back but you cant use chakra on it
  8. Neji Dies And Naruto and sasuke lose their arms when they fight against Eachother