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  1. [DIV-XII] Team B Chaos Faction vs Love Bytes

    Changed Status to Finished
  2. [DIV-XII] Team B Chaos Faction vs Love Bytes

    Changed Team scores to 1
  3. @DrJester @uNick @volio @jarcev @justifiable187 Scrimming with Love Bytes
  4. They did. I believe they wrote a simple code that direct the cursor toward your initial pick,so your mod stay intact,but after you done that game and switch to pvp the ban hero will be the currently you are picking
  5. Preferred pet

    I used to think dog would be nice,but then a sloth is like my spiritual animal
  6. How do you prefer to eat Instant Noodles?

    Mixed.So you pour hot water on the noodle,wait for it then remove the water.seasoning it (pour a bit of water on the noodle too) and mixed it till the all noodle have the same flavor.That way you still get to taste the noodle flavor without drinking the soup water (also it is faster to cook and faster to eat)
  7. @justifiable187 @jarcev @volio @uNick Scrimming with Loves Bytes
  8. Two truth and a lie

    This is a lie xD
  9. Two truth and a lie

    I ain't buying that
  10. It wouldn't hurt if he post it there and complete his post :)
  11. Can you elaborate a bit about why would you pick those mod and the play style along with it ?
  12. Hello everyone,this topic is created for usto share and discuss mod build and play style with each other so it will be more of a local and private topic between us.However you are welcome to post your own mod build My build for Elle.I call it hipdeep Elle http://wiskerz.me/arbuilds/#elle:11313 Basically you charge your gun and run deep into the enemy line,preferably off cover while keeping yourself save.It is a high risk high play style but if you know your enemy,you can harvest great result.Probe mod is fine if you want to add extra pressure
  13. Guess next person to post?

    You was right
  14. Chaos Faction VS Love Bytes

    Changed Status to Finished Changed Team scores to 1 Changed Opponent scores to 2