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  1. It will not be gone. Crouch jumping will be gone when they introduce vaulting, so you might as well use it until you don't have to anymore.
  2. Having fun is still a lot more important
  3. I am the most aggressive player in DI
  4. GTX 750 Ti

    Just because you have heard something, does not mean it is true. I have a 144 hz monitor as well, and I am speaking from experience. 750 Ti is lower than below average.
  5. GTX 750 Ti

    I have a 144 hz monitor, and i feel a difference between an average of 150-200 and 250. There is practically no difference between 300 and 500 though.
  6. GTX 750 Ti

    60fps in csgo is definitely not good. I had a gtx 960(average to below average in my opinion) and I got around 250 fps. I now have a gtx 1070 and I get 400-500(changed processor as well). In conclusion; gtx 750 Ti is 100% a below average card.
  7. GTX 750 Ti

    750 Ti is definitely a below average card.
  8. Building a pc

  9. https://clips.twitch.tv/CourteousSmoothGazelleCoolStoryBro Summit explaining it.
  10. Guess what

  11. Building a pc

    I can run medium at 100+ fps
  12. Building a pc

    I know, and I have no clue how you accomplish this. My 8GB Vram on 1070 is not enough for epic on ark, because it takes more than that lol.. I have 16gb corsair vengeance ram 2666 MHz and i7-7700K.
  13. Building a pc

    My gtx 1070 cost me around 550€, and i cant run ark on high settings and get 60 fps. Good luck with that.
  14. GTX 750 Ti

    Get a GTX 1060 6GB. 750ti is really bad.