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  1. I've had like 0 time for DI or Pokemon lately due to the holidays *-*

    But I miss everyone on here! There'll definitely be more activity from me come the new year!~

    1. Roxas



      Make sure to enjoy your holiday

    2. TheLoneEagle


      at least you didnt get 2 strikes


  2. "I didn't think it would be worth it" Glad I bought it for you then Thanks
  3. Those who play together, stay together!

    @TheLoneEagle G O A L S
  4. Personally, I think it'd be really cool if you switched the blue and red out with a dark and light purple, like the colors that represent the dragon and flying types! But the Dragonite itself is super cute!! I love your art :D
  5. I think I've got a ghastly spawn point at my house. They're literally everywhere. It used to be marills :O
  6. I still play, too! Level 27, 220 caught, 250 seen. I've played since release, but my phone had been broken for a few months last year, so I couldn't play for that whole time :( I'm lucky enough to have a gym from my bed's reach, another gym within 5 minutes of walking, and 5 pokéstops all within a few minutes of each other where I live. @TheLoneEagle doesn't think it's fair ;P
  7. 6 boxes later... Still no shiny alolan Vulpix :(

    Guess we'll just have to keep trying ;A;

    1. MattyCole12


      Aren't you on a college tour?

    2. TheLoneEagle
    3. gingerWhimsy


      The ride there I was playing -_-

  8. I really like Electric and Fairy types!! I'd also say I'm a fan of Psychic types as well. Those have always been my top 3.
  9. I've got a big announcement coming tomorrow!

    (I'm super nervous, but super excited!)

  10. UNDERSTANDABLE. That man is a genius. This always makes me laugh without fail
  11. I have no patience for shiny hunting, I swear

    I'm only 3 boxes in and I feel like giving up ;_;

    All I want is my purple Alolan Vulpix :'(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheLoneEagle


      Don't give up! I went through 1000+ SOS encounters for my Rockruff but didn't get it... But I got my (soon to be yours) shiny mudkip in like a week which isn't bad at all. You'll get your purple vulpix eventually :)

    3. Koenkloo


      Breeding has been the most brutal to me for shinies. I would SOS chain it! I got two purple snow foxes that way!!

    4. gingerWhimsy


      I've got Moon. I can't SOS Alolan Vulpix ;A;