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  1. osu and hearthstone

    I play Osu as you know, also play Hearthstone but for EU, my NA collection is pretty weak, :p
  2. anyone play console

    Ehh, I got an Xbox one and a Switch, I play switch sometimes when family arent playing and I very rarely play xbox anymore, I only play sometimes with my little brother when he asks. Console love has died a little bit for me.
  3. Which type of gamer are you?

    I go through all the phases lol, but mostly the dont care either way, :P
  4. I'm a Caramel guy, but I love Dark Chocolate too :3
  5. D27.png

    You better be leading this Division once it's made, like, who else would be able to Command a Division with this icon?!?!?!

  6. I used to love playing, going out with friends and travelling to new places, really made my 2016 summer pretty awesome, but all my friends and others started cheating so I didnt want to play with them anymore and nothing is as fun on your own so I stopped :p
  7. tfw you gotta wait like 60 seconds for your profile banner to load lol

  8. Ordered a futon, got a 55" 4k tv

    uhhh... No..? I once bought a DS game from Walmart which turned out to be a completely different game since someone changed the cartridges..
  9. I think Moira is op, because i'm a genji main who can never kill her and I can't play her for shit xD
  10. Watching some of the Overwatch League may help, not only do they have some of the best supports in the world but also crazy good DPS players, it's always good to see how they attack a support from their perspective so you can learn how to defend from them.
  11. I say Hanzo just because Widow is never fun to have on your team or have on the other team because widows I see are too good and either kill me all the time or kill everyone on the other team so I have nothing to do :(
  12. who else

    I'm not much of a rap fan but I do love EDM, always have :)
  13. The Adds i get on Di

    Awesome :) I started watching midway last year, my favourite characters are Ruby and Weiss
  14. How old is everyone?

    Older people play games too you know lol!
  15. The Adds i get on Di

    How are you like RWBY so far? I just finished Volume 5 and i'm loving it, can't wait for Volume 6 later this year! Also, I think I win with the ads I get ;D 50% off is pretty good, but what confuses me is the ebay one, it says look again but I dont even use ebay lmao.