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    I am always learning. I taught myself to build pc's, use adobe photoshop and I am always diving into new tech related things if for no other reason then to learn something new. I love playing video games (obviously), spending time with my boys.
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  1. hello people

    Hello. Welcome to DI.
  2. I am down. I am almost done with my base and now have time freed up for something like this. Should be lots of fun. Kinda like Ewoks.
  3. I have been needing to get one of these. Will have to see if I can find one on Ragnarok and if not I will run over to the island for one.
  4. This would be a cool event to build different types of rafts.
  5. Whats a Good & Affordable Graphics Card

    What processor are you using?
  6. Gift PC for gamer gf

    Uh, I would strongly disagree. 32 gigs of decent ram are like $270 bucks. Most people do not need more than 16g unless they are doing content creation like video creation, photoshop or other things. Keep in mind that price is the minimum 2133 DDR4 speed. Going up in speed will cause the price to go up as well. The issue that many people run into is they get these pc goggles where they want or purchase much more PC than what is really necessary. That is not to say that the demand for ram has not gone up either, people should just be realistic about what their needs are vs what they can afford. If you decide to go out and purchase top of the line parts, provided you have the money for it more power to you.
  7. If you are looking for a game that you plan to spend quite a few hours in and get your monies worth then yes I would say its worth the full price. I have over 1k hours invested into Ark and I am still learning new things.
  8. Gift PC for gamer gf

    What other help did you need with parts?
  9. Gift PC for gamer gf

    I built a mini itx build in the NZXT Manta a while back and I am getting ready to do a Ryzen 1700x build in the S340 Elite. After my experiences with the plexi windows I decided to go with a tempered glass side panel since I will eventually be introducing water cooling into my build.
  10. Gaming keyboard vs regular keyboard

    The difference between your typical membrane switch keys and a mechanical keyboard is massive. Believe me once you start using a mechanical keyboard you will never use anything else. As far as the primary differences between a gaming keyboard and a normal is the materials used to make them. I use the Corsair k70 RGB keyboard which is made with an aluminum body which is really sturdy and it has dedicated media controls which are really nice and the ability to use macros. Honestly, the feel of a mechanical key under your fingers is amazing. I use one at home for gaming and one at work as well. There are lots of different types of switches and I recommend checking out this video for more info on them.
  11. Best way to upgrade motherboard?

    This is actually incorrect. With the introduction of Windows 10 the OS essentially ties itself to the motherboard. If it's a retail version you can contact Microsoft to transfer the license but as Zaweri mentioned retail copies are become much harder to find. It's just Microsofts way of capitalizing on people purchasing more copies of their OS.
  12. Whats a Good & Affordable Graphics Card

    Right now prices for video cards are borked. What games are you looking of playing?
  13. laptop too hot

    I got a laptop table fan like the one suggested in an earlier post and it worked great to keep my laptop cool.
  14. The dragon mod called dragon tails i think has some seriously OP dragons on it. A level 33 dragon took out a 230 something spino.