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  1. This profile is now property of the Plup Club.

    @Sol @Eeveon @Ewok783

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    2. Sol


      DI is now property of the Plup Club tbh

    3. quinnchar


      wtf is plup club

    4. Sol


      Sorry, we misspelled Pulp Culb.

  2. Thank you. I'll let the applicant know that he has some time if he needs it.
  3. @Clones231 This applicant has had a family emergency - is there any way we can have an extension on the time allowed for a response?
  4. I, as the Division Commander, have Approved the Acceptance of this application
  5. Same as always - I would like a Jolly 5iv -SpAtk HA Gible, Outrage EM, Luxury Ball, gender isn't necessary. Still appreciate that you've done this (aside from @Ballistic's god damned Whiscash)
  6. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome, @Ventias! Unlike @13thShade, I actually do run a Pokemon division. Glad to see more people joining for Pokemon. Hope to see you around!
  7. I've got the game downloaded but still haven't actually started playing... games like this are the kind that I really want to get sucked into and I haven't had the opportunity to. Ah well.
  8. "Rotom-Wash moved from UU to OU" ...Oh. Huh. This doesn't really impact my OU team (removed Alowak a while ago), and I haven't played any of the other metas. Still waiting Mienshao to move from UU to RU so I can go play RU and enjoy it.
  9. Just like last week, I would like a Jolly 5iv -SpAtk HA Gible, with Outrage as an EM. Preferred ball is Luxury, the gender isn't specific but I'd probably prefer female.
  10. I'd very much prefer Kalos, but I'd be fine with Alola. Count me in!
  11. Fav Nintendo Console

    Console: Does the Switch count? While I loved the Wii, it had a few problems with the motion controls that made it a bit disappointing for me. The Switch has amazing games (Breath of the Wild! Super Mario Odyssey! Mario Kart 8 DX! Pokken DX! Stardew Valley! Rocket League! WOO!) that are just so fun. If the Switch doesn't count, then definitely the Wii U - it had Mario Kart, Mario Maker, Mario Kart 8 and Smash 4. While I'm not a huge fan of Smash 4, I acknowledge that it's a good game. Handheld: I'm going to have to say it's a tie between the DS and the 3DS, for me. The DS was the system that introduced me to gaming with Pokemon Diamond and also has my favorite Pokemon game ever on it, which is Platinum. However, it does have some flaws - the L+R buttons kinda suck, having to restart every time you change a setting, sometimes it just doesn't read my cartridge for whatever reason... The 3DS, however, has great games - Kirby, four great pairs of Pokemon games, the Zelda games, Smash 4... but I'm a much bigger fan of the NDS games*, and the position of the 3DS directional pad still feels weird to come back to after using an NDS. * The Sinnoh games. I'm not a huge fan of HeartGold and SoulSilver because of their level curves being the actual worst thing on the planet, but they're good games.
  12. @Koenkloo and @madAlch let your teams know - the SOS odds aren't what we thought they were! In USUM at least, the chances of getting a shiny actually max out at 30 encounters! This was found by a dataminer looking through the data:


    r/ShinyPokemon has accepted it and I've looked through it quickly, so it does seem real.

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    2. Rufhie


      @madAlch nope! Here's the link for the tweet I mentioned

      @emboar11 seems quite big difference to me. SuMo maxed out after 70 SOS at 1/1024 without charm and 1/683 with charm. USUM is maxed out after 30 SOS at 1/315 without charm and 1/273 with charm.

      I hope this doesn't mean less point for the shiny hunting contest ;-; 

      @NitroI can confirm that at the very least the IV doesn't reset after 255 because I caught a chansey at 260 SOS just to check that. Obviously I couldn't say anything about the shiny rate since that's a bit too random to check just with my own personal experience. 

    3. Nitro


      Ooh, unsigned int! Good to hear.

    4. KoolDewd123


      I’ll put this info into my USUM shiny hunting masterpost  when I update it! That’s great!

  13. Hey, this sounds great! While I never actually obtained a full living dex, I can probably help out at least a little bit. I would recommend storing it in Bank. I can say from experience that storing it in your PC boxes leaves no room for basically anything else. I'd start by catching as many Pokémon as you can from the Alola region. Nothing matters except their species. Some of them you will have to level up or get through awkward methods. Once you've done that, I would transfer forward older Pokémon that are unobtainable in the Gen 7 games. Then fill in the gaps however you can. When I was working on my living dex, I used https://pokedextracker.com - it worked very well and has a box layout as well. Best of luck with this project!
  14. Oh thank god Clad didn't win. Congratulations @KadazVGC!
  15. If this wins, I quit. Just remove my entries from all future giveaways, I'm done with them.
  16. I would like a Jolly 5iv -SpAtk HA Gible, with Outrage as an EM. Preferred ball is Luxury, the gender isn't specific. Thanks @Ewok783 and don't let me catch you picking a meme set this time :P
  17. @DrPhilandChill you'll like this. I'm playing my Wort, the Raidmother deck against @Wesenhiemer's new Aurelia deck. I kept a hand of three forests, Red Sun's Zenith, Scavenger Grounds and Howl of the Horde.

    Turn 1: Friend plays a Plains. I play Scavenger Grounds and Skullclamp.

    Turn 2: Friend plays a Mountain. I play a Forest.

    Turn 3: Friend plays Plains, Boros Cluestone. I play Forest, Wood Elves and fetch Cinder Glade.

    Turn 4: Friend plays Slayers' Stronghold, Sol Ring, Angel of Jubilation. I play another Forest and then Deranged Hermit, getting four squirrels.

    Turn 5: Friend plays land, Platinum Angel, swings with Jubilation for 3. I sack Hermit on my upkeep, then play a land followed by Wort for two goblin warriors.

    Turn 6: Friend plays a land, then Lightning Greaves and swings with Jubilation and Garrison, getting a couple of warriors for 7 total. I swing with Wood Elves, then cast Howl of the Horde with Raid active and copy it with Conspire. I then cast Second Harvest to go up to 128 squirrels and 64 goblin warriors.

    Turn 7: Friend equips Greaves to Platinum Angel and swings with Jubilation. I draw into Destructive Revelry and shoot down his Greaves and Sol Ring, then RSZ his Platinum Angel to death and throw my remaining 124 squirrels into his two blockers for game.

    New fastest game win and @Wesenhiemer will never live it down.

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    2. Nitro



      I'm just playin

      Yeah so am I

    3. BormahTiid


      Is this Magic The Gathering? I used to play that as a kid but my brothers kept stealing my cards so i quit. 

    4. DrPhilandChill