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    hockey (Rangers), Overwatch, Movies.... that's about it................. I think xD
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  1. Reapplyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. @D0rfmon5ter just reply to your probation topic and come back man, we miss you!


    1. cjlcjl12


      I miss him to, he was such an active team member. :crying:

    2. WhatAPunt
  3. im sorry everyone and i miss you all (I’m alive and kicking ;P if y’all want you can add me on Facebook at Benjamin Dorfman) I wanna still keep in contact with most of my friends

  4. why is there a batman character in your overwatch banner bro ?

    1. Xtream


      Why not? You think Batman doesn't play Overwatch??

    2. D0rfmon5ter
    3. wetletus


      Batman wants to be in overwatch so badly, but the best he can do is play it, so he's included on the banner for the day when he makes a special appearance in overwatch.

      Remember you heard it first here, Batman is coming to Overwatch

  5. where do you make all this stuff ? i love the new icon xD

    1. InsanityOW


      Signatures I made, but the icon is from a graphics artist. They made it for my twitch channel. Twitch.tv/Insanity_OW

    2. D0rfmon5ter
  6. was just about to ask if that post was for reals.... damn it Sif being a memeing butt


  7. 4 more days till @AnimaLibera gets her weird pug dog fish thing
  8. I'm sorry bout the breakup... that sucks
  9. hhhhhmmmmmm lemme see if I still have the files but mine are on my youtube too
  10. meeting my amazing girlfriend few weeks ago and finally asking her out a few days ago
  11. xD I was gona post a picture of Teemo but I don't need shade thrown in my general direction xD
  12. I didn't know if y'all had a thread for this yet but imma just start one XD
  13. Zareen?? Pushya? what is the name of your Pro pic bro XD