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  1. is it enough?

    that sounds good also thank you for your assistance. you are a great help
  2. is it enough?

    thats seems good i also forgot to mention i have that video card already
  3. is it enough?

    that sounds good thank you for your response and i don't really care about the look either as long as it runs fine and does what i want it to do.
  4. is it enough?

    so i mostly wanna start with mobas for right now since i know that the best maybe a little something here and there so does that sound good?
  5. is it enough?

    I wanna build my own pc and I was thinking of $800 as the budget is this enough for a pc to stream with or do i need more?
  6. Anime

    interesting i think ill give it a look thank you
  7. Anime

    whats it about?
  8. Anime

    any recommendation for an anime i watch all kinds. as long as the story is good i can pretty much deal with anything sometimes like slice of life just to enjoy something different.
  9. music

    this is actually not that bad haha beats pretty dope as well
  10. music

    just looking to expand my music library so i ask if you can share your music with me. i listen to all genres of music so anything goes. Thank you for reading.