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  1. Where are you from?

    I'm from a small town located in northern Canada. I see snow about five and a half months of the year and in the winter it can get pretty cold (I'm talking like -35 degrees celcius and below). There's nature everywhere and depending on where you live you can go out your back yard and walk to a lake to go fishing or go on a nature walk.
  2. Favorite Genre of Music?

    mine honestly changes depending on my overall mood. A lot of the time its rock/electronic

  4. one of my personal favs has got to be either nocturne or xin zhao. id love to master rengar or any of the super hard to master junglers
  5. lol im loving everyone's ideas! im gonna have to have a look at all the animes that you all have talked about
  6. What you listening to?

    man im seeing a lot of good music being listed here, i think im gonna have to start a playlist or two so i can listen to it all
  7. Food - Wierdest food combos you eat or have seen eaten. GO

    im pretty sure that it would go both way my good sir
  8. Food - Wierdest food combos you eat or have seen eaten. GO

    if you mix in a little rice vinegar before you add the cheese it make a really interesting contrast of flavours
  9. Career Goals

    thats super cool man props for chasing your dreams!
  10. Whats your dream job?

    my dream job would be to run and own a restaurant somewhere where it is warm. either that or have an outfitting company
  11. For those of you of age, What's your poison?

    i say amen to that! also a good hot tottie is really good in the colder months up here in canadia :P for beer i like corona, keiths, sleeman honey brown or a nice IPA for hard stuff im a huge rum guy, from light to dark ill drink it and sometimes when the mood takes me ill drink a bit of tequila but not often
  12. Career Goals

    i have a few career goals that i have in mind to be perfectly honest. One of which is to own and run my own food truck, another is to run my own outfitting company that goes out into the wilderness on fishing adventures, and one more would probably to be a pro gamer or a youtuber. i have many more but those are the ones that stand out to me the most
  13. What are your talents?

    well im a self taught drummer, i can tie my own flies for fly fishing and i am very much so musically inclined. also ive been a cook for about 11 years so there's that too lol
  14. Food - Wierdest food combos you eat or have seen eaten. GO

    peanut butter and pickles, one of the weirdest combinations i have ever seen and eaten. its definitely an interesting taste for sure. not to be taken light hearted
  15. Favorite Genre of Music?

    personally i have a lot of genres that i like but i think if i had to pick two i would say that house and metal are my top two