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  1. hows the banners coming ? cant find the subject xD 

    1. ACEintheCROWD


      Hey man, I'm working on it when I can. I believe you are #4 in queue atm.
      Heres the post


    2. D0rfmon5ter


      thanks xD but I know was just curious 

  2. Does this include NA as well or just EU?
  3. Just watched Hero Acadamia and I'd definitely choose that one.
  4. Does it frustrate anyone else that you cant see the whole status?

  5. I'm liking the new visual update

  6. I do like the particle effects, but the skin itself is meh to me
  7. Imagine if everyone bought just $5 in RP. Thats $500M... I know i've spend well over $5 lol. Thats so much money.
  8. Anyone else having trouble tagging other people using the "@" command? Doesnt work on posts or messages for me...

    1. Dom


      Yeah I would just say give it some time. They just updated the  forums and fixing kinks. 

  9. I'd start with champions suited for the Mid or ADC role as they are fairly straightforward. If you are an experienced DOTA player then it probably wont be to hard to pick up league. Just focus on your own gameplay before you start worrying about 1v5ing the other team. Learn the basics of a few champions (Skills/Abilities and general build paths) and then focus on learning how to CS in lane. These are going to be your biggest helpers late game!
  10. Hey guys, I got my first Penta Kill on Vayne the other day!
  11. RIP me at 19 chests and 1 fragment atm lmao, and I think I've been getting more fragments since the update.
  12. your moma jokes #1

    Lmao, haven't heard this one before
  13. DeviantArt

    I don't post on there personally, but when I am doing my own work sometimes the renders I use are from there.